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Sisters United Festival
July 31, 2011

Sunday July 31, 2011 I attended Sisters United Festival in the park presented by Friends of St. Nicholas Park and Shades of Gold.  It was a scorcher so I decided that I wanted to workout boy was I in for it when Susie Q! (featured on “Dr. Oz”, “The View”, “Good Morning America” and more) was the instructor of the “Arms of a first lady workout.”  All of the participants gathered on the grass and we started with a cardio warm up and gradually build up to calisthenics and total body pump to the latest tunes of today.  I enjoyed the workout so much feeling my sexy escape me as I swayed my hips and thrust my pelvic.  The workout was very effective as the sweat poured off my body we went a full hour without any water breaks until all tasks were complete.  My drench shirt, sweat filled face and muscles throbbing said all that my body endured.  I burned off all the calories I took in before working out that the two turkey Subway sandwiches obtained.  Exercise is imperative to a healthy life, mind and agility as you age.

Following the cardio work out we took a five minute break and the next segment of the festival was the Fresh Aire Solutions with Sharia Jones-Bey which included: deep breathing and guided mediation.  It was an out of body experience as I learned new mediation techniques, controlling of my breath and the laughing mechanism.  The deep breathing portion of the mediation section was infused with Tai Chi Kung, abdominal breathing, guided meditation which was visual relaxing to relieve stress and teaching us the participants how nature intended us to breathe.

Overall I had a blast at the Sisters United Festival making it today’s Splash Out. You never know where I will be so when you see me shout SPLASH!

Susie Q! showing luv after she made us all sweat

After a great work outAll smiles after a great work out and successful event

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