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The 80s Baby Cliff x Kid Love (Tribe NYC) Arizona Tea
September 28, 2012





What you doing? I’m Splashing Out. Where is it at tonight? I don’t know but I’m Splashing Out. (Proceeds to do the bounce) Riding around listening to The 80s Baby/in that plush two seater/pardon it’s demeanor. *insert Rick Ross grunt here* haha

Hey to the hey hey splashy readers you know I have bars for days lol but onto the introduction to some and update for others of The 80s Baby Cliff.

If you haven’t heard of Harlem’s own The 80s Baby Cliff I suggest you familiarize yourself with his music and the movement Tribe NYC. The 80s Baby will draw you in with his poetry, word play and real life associations as he creates imagery; my personal favorite is The Baby’s sleeping. The 80s Baby Cliff is a charismatic, intelligent, talented individual who is very much involved in his community. The 80s Baby Cliff music is refreshing, fun and inspirational. He embodies what true artistry is while taking it back to the essence of Hip Hop.

Who is Tribe NYC?
Tribe NYC represents a family that pays homage to music, fashion and educating others about the beloved 80’s and early 90’s era. *Insert a deep sigh and wipes a tear* I’m an 80’s baby and compared to today growing up in Harlem was the best experience. Ok sorry for the SPLASHback I had a moment I was into myself now back to Tribe NYC. The members of Tribe NYC are all aspiring dancers, musicians, poets and designers ready to share their creativity, style and knowledge with the world as they embrace the history of black culture and true art.

The 80s Baby Cliff and Tribe NYC first release for the summer was ‘Friday Night’ it can be view here and the follow up video is what I am presenting with you today if you analyze videos the way I do, The 80s Baby set us up for this video “Arizona Tea” with the line “Sip my Arizona tea before I bust a rhyme” followed by product placement in ‘Friday Night’ directed by Arsedi (Paris). That was a great marketing strategy for those who pay attention to detail.

With no further adieu I present to you the link to The 80s Baby Cliff x Kid Love (Tribe NYC) “Arizona Tea” directed by Bluel (@kidhypheny) enjoying watching.

*** Spoiler: I love the slow motion effect, fast cuts and the tribute at the end of the video.***
What did you like about the video?

The 80s Baby Cliff – Instagram/Twitter: @80sBabyCliff
Kid Love: Tumblr: 4TheLoveOfKid
Instagram: tribenyc

Until the next SPLASH lataz xoxo






The Nail Boutique and Everything Girls Love present: A Night of Beauty with Yandy Smith
September 21, 2012





I just hope that you missed me a little when I was gone. Hiiiiii splashy readers pardon my absence just know I was Splashing Out and I will update you so you can relive my excursions with me. *Smiles*

My Splash Out on September 18th was incredible. I attended The Nail Boutique ( and Everything Girls Love present: A night of Beauty. The Nail Boutique (located at 983 Fulton Street) is a Clinton-Hill based beauty bar that collaborated with a major lifestyle brand EGL (Everything Girls Love) to celebrate their debut to the world in the departments of both fashion and beauty. The very business savvy Yandy Smith (@yandysmith) of VH1 Love and Hip Hop hosted this amazing event which displayed her fabulous jewelry line found on; the fabulous Kimbella from the cast VH1 Love and Hip Hop came out to support her pud (in Yandy’s words haha) in an exquisite orange Herve Leger dress.

Despite the inclement weather and my curls in my ponytail frizzing up (no worries I was still smiling double dimples and all) the debut to the world still went on at The Nail Boutique (@nailboutiquenyc) and it was a great success. The Nail Boutique was vibrant, professional, and I was surrounded by a beautiful crowd of individuals that DJ Ominaya kept vibing, two stepping and reciting the words from the tracks he played. The two level venue was of high decor was equipped with pampering stations, opportunities to shop, a waitress serving pastries and hors d’oeuvres provided by Elles Pastry Boutique – FLASHBACK – *The Mac and cheese was love (automatic stomach joy)* and the cocktails were flowing thanks to Hpnotiq Harmonie. In the Shop and Sip Lounge guests were introduced to several unique brands in the likes of Nneka Saran, CLB and G.V.H.

Everyone enjoyed themselves there was a lot of socializing, networking, beautification, and shopping with clients geared to set trends with their purchases. At the end of the night all attendees received goody bags filled with gifts from: Akoo, Bee Mine Products, EGL, Hpnotiq Harmonie, Love My Nails, Uptown Magazine, Zico and more. I am glad I decided to attend this event it was very classy, organized and fun. I’m ending this scroll by saying don’t forget to smile. Until next time hugs.












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