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Tamar Braxton – Love and War Album Review
September 25, 2013

YEAH BABY!!! She did that, she did that. In listening to Tamar Braxton album Love and War in various settings which included but not limited to me singing my heart out in the shower, in the car, in an empty club during off hours and on my iphone.  The acoustics of the bass was different all in all.  I agree that Love and War was well worth the wait.  The amount of control, various octaves and the way Tamar Braxton moves her voice in spirals, up and down swings and right and left pans is simply amazing!  It took me listening in different settings to notice the ad-libs that filled in making the track complete without over-layering or stacking the vocals; usually it works for a fuller sound however Tamar voice is so powerful that is wasn’t necessary.

If I were asked what are my Top 5 songs on Love and War it would be as follows 1) Love and War 2) Thank You Lord 3) All the Way Home 4) Pieces 5) Stay and fight. Why you ask?  My choices reflect the vocal range, relevance to my life and the feel of the music.  Overall this album evokes emotions effortlessly and it is great that we took the journey of watching her dreams unfold and come true.

Song breakdown

1) The One – It has a familiar flow and summery feel to it as if you are suppose to be skipping in a meadow during twirls with your loved one.  See what I did there – imagery that is what the song brings.  As soon as the beat drops let’s face it you bopped your head before you even knew the words.  The song is cute and compliments the track.  It is the path of finding that special person to spend the rest of your life with.

2) Tip Toe – It was very upbeat and high tempo.  Within keeping relations on the hush hush (personally the best option) she expresses in light of keeping her private life private it won’t get to the rumor mill or chopping block for judgment on different gossip outlets.  The 2013 version of TLC “Creep” and Xscape “My little secret.”

3) Stay and fight – It was heart felt and the notion of not giving up on love.  While believing in reconciling what was built after a mishap.

4) Love and War – It is the strongest song on the album vocally and hands down the most familiar headliner song.  The good and bad of a relationship but making it through the trenches.

5) All the way Home – It is an easy listen and is arranged perfectly.  This is the song I play the most; it is just a smooth tune.

6) One on one fun – The eerie sound of the beat is intriguing as you listen in on what will follow.  The flow of Tamar’s voice meshes very well.

7) She did that – self explanatory or nah? lol This song was cutesy and Tamar is WINNING!

8) Hot Sugar – The eerie beat reminded me of the Harlem Shake track it is an automatic head nodder matched with catchy lyrics and dope dance track.  It is playful, fun and make you want to twerk in Miley Cyrus honor.

9) Pieces – It is a sultry and relatable song.  I love how Tamar sung this openly and forward to the slow tempo.  The way she made her voice spiral when she sung ‘oh’ and the pan left and right when she highlighted ‘pieces’ was simply amazing.  This is a song most people can relate to in wanting a person but not accepting them in spurts.  Sometimes you might be ready for commitment and they are not ready.  It doesn’t mean they can’t be on your level they just aren’t there yet.  It is a balance of wanting to settle down but not settling.

10) Where it hurts – This song is about sticking around and trying to help a loved one through a heart break; while showing them you are there to support them through this tough time and that you are different.

11) Prettiest girl – Is a smooth song with a nice sway to it. Did you notice that she has her own ‘do wop pop pop’ background singers. Boom! Who did it? She did haha.  The snaps stuck out and are very distinctive.  This is an anthem dedicated to couples who appreciate their significant other.  It is a reciporcation of recognizing through words of appreciation, understanding and expressing mutual feelings.

12) Sound of love – The tempo is similiar to Prettiest girl the lyrics reflected when she sung “you make me feel.”  The echo effect was used on this track and it set the mood.

13) White candle – This is easily an alternative crossover song the guitars stood out for a nice feel.  In wanting to continue as it stands the test of time and; working toward a healthy relationship without letting it go to waste after everything that was built.

14) Thank you Lord – It was about overcoming personal struggles, a reflection of her life testimony and growth.

Love and War will continue to be played in heavy rotation from start to finish it is an easy transition for easy listening.  She, me and her is laughing at all of the critics.  Tamar’s playful nature is portrayed in the hip and fun songs and her vocal range is highlighted with the ballads more.  Congrats on all of your success and looking to hear more classics from you.

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