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A life well lived
January 17, 2014


A life well lived. When you died apart of me did too, although I’m regaining strength from all of your teachings. Each year it gets more difficult but within death and absence I have learned the most lessons. Time for reflection. Sending my love. I miss my guy.

Below is a poem that will appear in my book slated to be released later this year.

are you still there

uncle ken
i need you to comfort me
i talk to you
i wonder if you hear me
im all messed up
because im missing you
guide me through life
its an obstacle
no pain can amount
to the pain of losing you
not even my tattoo
in your remembrance
can even compare
to the pain of losing you
im always thinking
and recalling the days
we used to share

how you always made me smile
its been too long
since i have seen your face
or heard your voice
this is something i dont take lightly
im missing you
and i dont have a choice
since you went away
i dont feel like talking
or even being bothered

i cried hysterically
i felt as if
i lost a piece of me
you were my navigational system
here im lost without you
your heart and spirit
lives within me
i live with no fear
although at times
your absence
becomes too hard to bare
i am writing this
to let you know
i miss you
and i still care

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