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Appreciation 5.10.14
May 28, 2014


Hiii splashy readers I have been away for some time. So I just wanted to check in. Writing has always been a tool I have utilized to reach people as well as photography. Spoken word and speaking words are greatly important to me. As I reflect on how blessed I am to have had special memories to look back on that were spoken to me by my late grandmother Angele Henry.

I appreciate life and I cherish every moment that later becomes a memory in any aspect in time. It takes a special lady to have a huge impact on every life that she came encounter with. To have known her was to love her. Our bond is indescribable and I miss her greatly.  She was the true definition of unconditional love, support and strength. Forever my lady! (5.10.14)

I am just happy that she was able to share her life with me. Cherish your loved ones, value time and appreciate life.


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