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Dove new dry spray deordant
December 29, 2014


Hiii splashy readers (inserts frantic wave here) new product alert. I received the Dove dry spray complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I must say I love the fresh smell it gives off. I definitely caught myself sniffing myself unconsciously throughout the day. The spray deodorant dries instantly and, it is not like applying the gel roll on. Ugh and adds a yuck I really hate that wet and damp feeling even if you put a little on it is sticky. Any hoot I recommend that you try dove new dry spray you will not be disappointed. It is Splashy Approved!!!


Special thanks to @Influenster #trydry #Walmart #contest

Splash In did you try it? How was your experience?

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!


December 24, 2014


Chanel Speedy Unprecedent Acoustics

Often times I write just to reflect on things that are going in around me. Many times circumstantial situations play out in my mind that I write a poem catered to something that I have witnessed. Writing is a tool of release for me. I love writing creatively, being creative while writing. I invite others to read as I share my thoughts. Sharing was a big leap for me because my thoughts are the only thing that a person can not alter once my mind is set.

That does leave room for constructive criticism (which I am all for), different view points that went unnoticed on my behalf within in writing highlighted by a read and misinterpretation. Within misinterpretation of my writing I have to remind the reader I am hiding facts within a story all the while telling a story. For me my writing is a learning experience that feature innuendos, word play, surprise elements and a backstory as I am foretelling you the original story.

The best way of learning for me is presented in my writing. I learn forward and backwards meaning I analyze a situation and see both sides, why person A made their final decision and why person B came up with their conclusion. In doing so I am practicing my forward thinking skills and doing background research in order to understand what is occurring. I invite you to read Pain below I debuted this on Al Sharpton’s Keepin’ It Real radio station at NAN (National Action Network). For your listening pleasure you can download Pain on iTunes Chanel Speedy Unprecedent Acoustics on iTunes or CD Baby Chanel Speedy – Unprecedent Acoustics on CD Baby

PAIN by Chanel Speedy (Unprecedent Acoutiscs)

They say love is pain
However Pain is Pain
I pained when I seen you
inject yourself with a needle
Knowing my pain would fill a void in you
You offered to play hide & seek
Because you couldn’t bare
For me to find the new love you seeked

More secretive you became
All for your selfish escape
In my mind it was too late
& time wasn’t on my side
I thought I let you die
The weakness in your body
Matched the strength of my silence
The war you were fighting brought forth nervousness
While your nervous system called it quits

Mind set shift
Long sleeves to hide razor slits
You resemble nothing
I once remembered to breathe life
Skeletal remains
Broken mirrors
Nightly hungry quivers
3 letters quieted your rivers

As my future
I couldn’t get pass
My role models path
Sunset at last
Tears drop fast
Memory tracks
A sentence with no
Quotations or lettering
I took your pain
& made it mine
Buried my smile
Allowed burdens to be placed on my heart

The insertion of your new found love Pain
Tore us apart

They say love is pain
However Pain is still loved

Rest In Peace

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!

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