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Against All Odds: from projects to the penthouse
December 12, 2014


The independent Mahisha Dellinger at a young age

Salutations. The night of Mahisha Dellinger’s (CEO and Founder of CURLS) book launch it was a cold snowy night and the streets were slippery however, that did not stop me from canceling my plans on hearing the moderated interview with Jacque Reid of her life story, experiences of triumphs and hardship as well as her many lessons along the way.


Mahisha Dellinger and Jacque Reid


Jazz band at Minton's

The location was a Harlem restaurant called Minton’s (206 West 118th Street), the decor was creative and decorated with a table timeline layout of CURLS products, pictures of Mahisha and her family and as you walked into Minton’s you were greeted warmly with a glass of the Blueberry Fizz specialty drink.


CURLS products on display

As you made your way inside beyond the curtain you heard the tunes of a great jazz band, and as you walked closer to the stage to the left there was a signature sheet with broken crayons to commend Mahisha for all of her diligence and dedication.


Broken Crayons

As the glasses of refreshing drinks were raised and the savory hors d’oeuvres were offered including: mini mac and cheese cupcakes and gumbo. For dessert there was apple pie turnover that was so good. As Jacque Reid warmed up to interview Mahisha everyone in the room was attentive to her presence which demands so much attention. As Mahisha was being interviewed the audience went through different emotions of laughter, then in the agreeance hum of umm hmm and we were on the verge of tears as she relived hardships, misfortunes, and strides she took to overcome being a statistic and her knowledge.


Holiday CURLS products

In my goodie bag I received CURLS product and Mahisha Dellinger’s book entitled “Against All Odds” which will be released February 2, 2015. Given her life path I am excited to read her book as she tells her story growing up on the rough streets of Sacramento, California. Her life included poverty, despair and dysfunction which she was delivered a bad hand early on in life but it prepared her to reshuffle her deck and to become the Queen.


CURLS hair set

I honor anyone who is brave enough to follow their dreams, passion and vision that is bigger than a 9 to 5. She delivered such inspiration for me it was meant for me to hear the words that she rendered. I was in a room amongst other people but I felt that she was only talking to me.


Festive view of CURLS products

“Against All Odds” chronicles Mahisha’s journey from the projects to the penthouse, how she overcame an impoverished beginning to lead a life of wealth, privilege and success.


Mahisha Dellinger's Against All Odds book

Without giving too much of her story away her unique experience of seeing life from both sides of the spectrum prepared her for her path of greatness. Alternating weekends spent with her father showed her how the others lived as she set her mind to living in this manner and rise above the poverty stricken environment she had been exposed to prior. I have to congratulate her in advance for all of her present and future endeavors she is a great example for young children and adults to follow.

You can find CURLS products at CVS, Target, Sally Beauty and Wal-Mart. CURLS has also been featured in a host of beauty publications including InStyle, Essence, Glamour, Ebony, Juicy, Redbook, Lucky, Seventeen, Vibe, Black Enterprise, Elle, Modern Salon, Woman’s World, Parents, and a host of other hair and salon trade publications.


Junior Publicist Kathleen D and I

Kudos to Junior Publicist Kathleen for hosting such a great event and making sure everyone was comfortable. Thank you for inviting me to such a motivational and inspiring atmosphere. Keep working hard. I am proud of you!

“If you believe the impossible, the incredible can come true.” (Field of Dreams; 1989)

Become Obsessed with Luckys Hair
December 11, 2014


Lucky's Hair Obsession brand ambassador Erica Pinkett

Hiiii splashy readers! (picture me waving frantically because I am).

Hello, good morning!!! It is #EntrepreneurThursday and before we get into finding out about Lucky’s Hair Obsession I want you to whip your hair back and forth. (DJ Chanel Speedy drop the track) Just whip it/Whip it real good/Hop up out the bed/turn my Splash on… All my ladies if you feel it/Gone and do it, do it/Whip your hair (whip your hair)/Don’t matter if it’s long, short/Do it, do it whip your hair! (Being the hype beast I am; I had to Splash you in.)


Lucky's Hair Obsession

Ok now that we both are hype let us simmer down in unison to learn more about Lucky’s Hair Obsession which was “started earlier this year out of a passion for good hair. Every woman deserves a good weave is what I live by. It is amazing quality at affordable prices.” With notable hair ambassadors such as: Erica Pinkett and Travis (Yandy Smith’s make up artist) along with other celebrities you may want to check out the quality of the Lucky’s Hair Obsession brand at


Lucky's Hair Obsession


Lucky's Hair Obsession

Check out these videos to become more familiar with Lucky’s Hair Obsession brand:

Hey Travis tell us about the Brazilian Body Wave –

Spotted Lucky’s Hair Obsession Hair Ambassador Erica Pinkett. You fancy huh?/Go/Go ‘head/Nails done/Hair done/Everything did. Here is the promotional commercial for Lucky’s Hair Obsession. I like the pans, cuts and black and white transition to color. Are you convinced yet ladies? The Erica P edition will be available Christmas Eve pre-orders can be placed via email For questions and for customer support call 929-841-4851.


Lucky's Hair Obsession commercial

Wait there’s more…. Check out the layout of the hair. It has that buttery soft flow that would make anyone want to run their fingers through it without permission. Ummm hmmm. =)

Behind every passion there is a story and I want to invite you to read what I discovered about  Shay as I interviewed her on business, inspiration and her vision.

Chanel Speedy: What marketing channel is the most successful for you?

Lucky’s Hair Obsession: My most successful marketing channel has been networking on Facebook and Instagram (luckyshairobsession).

Chanel Speedy: How do you plan on expanding on this momentum?

Lucky’s Hair Obsession: Wow!!! I have so many things lined up and in store for Lucky’s Hair Obsession. I plan to continue to learn something new every day and to continue to meet with new people. I can’t reveal all the splash but just know that we are here to stay.


Lucky's Hair Obsession photo shoot

(I did not make this collage. But the Collage Queen approves #SplashyApproved :))

Chanel Speedy: Yassss! I like how you threw Splash in there. Somebody is paying attention Hello. (hi five) Let me do my dance now. (I am really dancing if you were wondering as you read haha)

Chanel Speedy: What do you hope to accomplish in the field of getting your craft noticed?

Lucky’s Hair Obsession: I plan to have every Lucky lady wearing my brand of virgin hair. It is the finest quality of virgin hair that you will ever install.


Lucky's Hair Obsession

Chanel Speedy: What do you envision yourself doing in 10 years?

Lucky’s Hair Obsession: In ten years I will have opened up a minimum of 3 beauty lounges. The locations will be New York, Atlanta and South Carolina.

Chanel Speedy: Nice yes 3 is a good number not just because it is my favorite number (shameless plug) lol but it is very obtainable goal within a ten year span.

Chanel Speedy: What do you consider your strengths? Your weaknesses?

Lucky’s Hair Obsession: My strength is my family. Looking at them daily pushes me to grind harder. My weakness is wanting to help everyone knowing that I can’t. However I’m working on a project to assist in that area as well.

Chanel Speedy: It is always great to give back. You can’t help everyone but always remember to #StartSmall and help when you can.

Chanel Speedy: Tell us the story behind your inspiration or of a person who inspires you.

Lucky’s Hair Obsession: My grandfather inspired me. He said baby you can be whatever you want to be in life as long as you are consistent. Consistency is key. He always held me on the highest pedestal. When I was 19 and worked for a financial institution as a teller my grandfather would tell people I owned the bank and he meant every word he said lol. One day I read something that stated “Let your passion be your paycheck” and from that day forth I started branding. I’m sad that my grandfather is not here today to see how far I have become, but I know he is watching down and telling everyone in heaven yes yes she owns Lucky’s Hair Obsession. (Tears seriously) I miss that man.

Chanel Speedy: That just touched me I am a G so don’t look at me any different when I tell you I just shed a tear. It was a real thug cry think of how Jody (Tyrese) was crying in Baby Boy before Mel (Ving Rhames) gave him the pep talk and took the gun. Yes I had to give a visual one of my specialties. But on a serious note I play all day. There are people who are placed in our life for us to value, motivational tools and examples of leadership. He seemed as if he was so sweet, caring and loving. We have a connection because that is what my grandmother was to me she was my biggest cheerleader. You couldn’t say anything about her first grand or you would get the business.

I wish you all the best in your present and future endeavors. Keep striving to complete everything you are set out to do in this world. Curtsy.

Splashy readers you can learn more about the brand and the products on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter by searching luckyshairobsession. Be sure to participate in their hashtags as well #luckyshairobsession and #becomeobsessed.

I am going to end this scroll by writing Don’t forget to smile today #iSmileForAngele 😁

What is in Andrea’s Closet?
December 4, 2014




Cardigan $65


Mickey head jeans $40

Hiii splashy readers!!! Splash out with me real quick. (Drops Kanye West – Good Life instrumental. Fast forward to the 3rd verse) You ready? I always had the passion for flashing/before I had it/I closed my eyes and imagine/the good life… If you feeling me now put your hands up in the sky and let me hear you say Aye! (points imaginary mic to the crowd for a response) Aye! (this is to be repeated 3 times) Haha ok I’m good. (As I curtsy and end the concert and sing a long).


Mens wool coat $95

Now that I have you just as hype as I am I want you to get familiar with Andrea Closet based in NYC a wholesale seller that ships worldwide. Andrea is a personal shopper that caters to the needs of her clients based on their style, function and their openness to versatility. Check out her website there is a great selection of styles at reasonable prices for both men and women jeans, coats, shirts, dresses, accessories and more.


Mens Sweater $45

Andrea Closet was created with Storenvy, an online store builder and marketplace for inspired brands. As a shopper, you can discover and buy items from multiple stores from all over the world and check out in one simple step. The 3 pictures above are my top choices that Andrea Closet has available. One of my childhood nicknames were Mickey so that was an automatic fav, I love the sequence of pattern of the blazer and the color pops it can be worn casually or you can dress it up. I adore seeing men in cardigans, pea coats and oh don’t get me started on grandfather patches on any article of clothing. Seeing grandfather patches makes me smile.


Behind every passion there is a story and I want to invite you to read what I discovered about Personal shopper and wholesale seller Andrea as I interviewed her on fashion, inspiration and her vision.

Chanel Speedy: Where do you see yourself in the future in the fashion world within the next 5 years?

Andrea Closet: I see myself in the fashion world within the next five years with my own clothing line with a market based in New York City and London. I would love to become a celebrity designer.

Chanel Speedy: What marketing channel is the most successful for you?

Andrea Closet: My most successful marketing channel as of now are Instagram (@andreacloset) and Facebook

Chanel Speedy: How did you become interested in fashion and what influences you to continue?

Andrea Closet: I loved fashion ever since I was a little girl, it was always in me I guess you can say I was born to be involved in fashion in some shape or form. I sketched and played dress up all the time as a little girl. 

4) If you had the authority to enforce your view in the world of fashion, what specific changes would you make?

Andrea Closet: I would change trends. I think fashion is about what you love to wear or like. Fashion should reflect who you are, not what is in for the moment, season or year.

Chanel Speedy: That is a very good point where styles are always revisited. I concur I believe that fashion should be an expression of you reflecting the comfort you have in your own skin inspiring individuality. Many times over saturated styles become fads rather quickly because everyone looks the same. The trends shouldn’t change as fast but there should be a suggested blueprint to ensure we evolve in presentation through textiles.

Chanel Speedy: Tell us the story behind your inspiration or of a person who inspires you?

Andrea Closet: I guess you can say my grandmother was my inspiration may she rest in peace. She was a Southern bell who moved to the big City of New York . She wore whatever she liked and made it look hella good. She always said wear what you can afford and make it look like it cost millions. She taught me that your shoes and bags should not be what you spend the most of your money on and she was right. She believed in me and pushed me to go further.

Chanel Speedy: Wow I offer my condolences. We share a common thread both of our grandmothers were our inspirational leaders that motivated and believed in us. She dropped a few gems and I wish you the best in your present and future endeavors.

Splashy readers to contact Andrea email Don’t forget to smile today #iSmileforAngele ❤

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