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Beauty and Fidi Living
January 17, 2016

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all? Hiii splashy readers. Happy 2016 I hope everyone is in high spirits and are making strides towards their goals. Beauty is measured by many different standards however, loving yourself first and defining your worth is the utmost important.


It was a pleasure to be apart of Fidi Living night of beautification. As we all know confidence is key and taking care of yourself goes a long way.
It was an intimate setting in which I loved and the beauty services included: Hair by R& Co, Nails by tenoverten, Face by Facelove and Brows by Browtiste.


Fidi Living gave the perfect kick off to my night Jenny added a nice hot pink nail polish to spruce up nails and I love them! As I visited the Love Face Fitness section Georgia made me feel relaxed as she gave me my first ever facial massage and overall it was an excellent experience. I recommend trying this service visit to schedule your appointment for this uniquely interesting, relaxing and fun treat.


I enjoyed myself thank you for all of your hospitality, information, my giftbag and your services see you soon!

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!

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