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#AG6 is intense fun
April 26, 2016


AG6 is an EXPERIENCE like no other workout you have EVER sweat through in your life. My experience of this innovative and technology driven class was that it was fun, interactive and my instructor Danelle was encouraging and energetic (Hey girl hey – hi-fives). Each class is different and caters to working out the core of your body with a new futuristic and hi-tech twist.


The walls and the floor becomes your greatest competition as you have to keep up with the PRAMA technology and the LED lighting. Each station forces you to focus on the task at hand while challenging your balance, agility, endurance, speed, strength, awareness and reaction with movement.


The class is taught at Asphalt Green. How is the AG6 class? I agree with news personality Andrew Ramos he made the perfect statement. “It’s like the games Twister and Simon Says had a baby.” Facts! From making my knees touch my elbows while doing a push up to gorilla crawls onto jumping squats every muscle was put to (wait timeout in your best Rihanna voice repeat the next six words) work, work, work, work, work, WORK! Ok lol.

It is the best 45 minutes you will love yourself for attending. Then you will love yourself even more for burning 1,000 calories in one session. Do yourself a favor and reserve your spot. In the words of Nike slogan “Just do it!”

Until next time laugh, love and continue to be splashy!

RocksBox is Splashy!
April 22, 2016


(In the photo: Sophie Harper Multi layered Ball chain, Kendra Scott Magenta Elle earrings and Gorjana carine Gold ring)

Hiii splashy readers!!! (insert frantic wave here) Are you enjoying this beautiful weather or nah? Lol I know, I am as I splash through the town flaunting some of the best accessories to compliment my versatile style. By being a RocksBox IT girl I receive access to rent some of the most stylish jewelry by popular designers. You can too! Have you heard about RocksBox? If not, I am here to tell you that it is well worth the subscription.

Imagine choosing from a variety of jewelry and customizing it to your liking, receiving 3 pieces to wear on loan and returning it as often as you like. Ok now stop imaging and make it happen by going to and entering the code: chanelspeedyxoxo.

This code will grant you one month free access to RocksBox crafted by you each 3 unique piece set totaling up to $200. The monthly subscription is only $19 and if you are an accessory Queen or just want to spruce up your wardrobe you don’t have to look any further. RocksBox gives you the opportunity to play with styling yourself whether you like big or small statement pieces.

Personally, I like smaller pieces but within exploring all of the options RocksBox has to offer I went BIG! Check out the 3 RocksBoxs that I have received so far and how I coordinated the jewelry with my outfit in pictures below.


Rocking my Sophie Harper chain

This Sophie Harper multi layered chain is my favorite thus far. “It looks light but it’s heavy though” it really isn’t heavy I just wanted to quote Drake. This is an overall fun piece to pair with.


(In this photo: Perry Street Margeaux earrings, Gorjana Joplin layered gold necklace and Loren Hope small Sarra coral cuff)

The Loren Hope cuff stole the show everyone asked who was I wearing and I wasn’t on the red carpet… yet haha.

Each box comes with an inspirational quote. I like that! Things that make you say yassss!


(In this picture: Olivia and Grace Lorena earrings in purple chalcedony, Nakamol mixed gunmetal and burgundy wrap bracelet and Sophie Harper layered disc necklace)


Here is how I paired my first RocksBox I was sold way before I opened the ribbon because I love LOVE love SuRpRiSeS! (Can you tell?) Do yourself a favor get splashy with RocksBox it will be the best $19 you have spent ladies and guys you can gift a special lady in your life. I just solved your Mother’s Day hunt BOOM. I just dropped a gem. (insert fist bump)

That’s my time, until next time stay splashy, dress nicely, do something that makes you happy daily and most importantly don’t forget to smile TODAY!!!

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