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Welcome Campers was LIT! 
August 31, 2016

There are pictures and people you can live vicariously through and feel as if you are right there with them. However, Welcome Campers brought to you by The Wild Honey Pie is not one of those moments making “adult camp” one for the books. It is a FUN, spontaneous and care free weekend that is an EXPERIENCE to live through once in your lifetime. From the beautiful people, gorgeous landscape, activities, and live acoustic music you are sure to stay entertained.

If you were to ask me to describe my weekend in just three words (inserts a brief pause so you can ask How was your weekend?…). My response would be “IT WAS LIT!” This weekend was a collaboration of around the clock mingling, being introduced to new people, music and great energy! We all worked as a unit to defend our color in the Color Wars. The  yellow team was against my RED team.  You have my little ticker as I was a coach/cheerleader, scorekeeper and a thee referee that wasn’t in official gear. (Lol don’t judge me if you remember my face screaming from the bench).

The boozes were constantly flowing from the Canteen, lakeside onto the Funky Bunk with a variety from Sour ales to that of tequila. Let’s just say it wasn’t a dry campus if you get my drift. The portion of the stay that made it so rich was the welcomeness of everyone. I met a lot of awesome people that just shared the common goal of enjoying theirselves and making the most of the weekend.

The bands were amazing whether you were observing them by the campfire, under the stars with the smoke machine or just following them to the next destination as they marched. Superb job to all of the bands which included: Kid Mountain, Yoke Lore, PALEHOUND, Calliope Musicals, Matt FX, Buffalo Rodeo, Jay and the Gang, EVOLFO, Maybird and everyone who joined in the sing a long. To the sponsors who kept us busy, hydrated, energized and spread awareness through blood donations we THANK YOU – MOO, DKMS, Prairie Artisan Ales, Topo Chico water and High Brew Coffee. Relaxation became a major key lake side as many sailed out on canoed, paddleboards, swans and others jumped in from the donut trampoline. Whether you read a book on the sand, sunbathed or just had an interesting conversation on a boat or boardwalk.

Massachusetts was invaded by a lot of cool and free spirited people and Camp Lenox took on the Vegas motto approach of “Whatever happens at Camp Lenox stays at Camp Lenox.” Besides hearing the familiar phrase of “what happened last night?” all fun arrows lead to cabin trails. Pop chips and Savory food truck definately were clutch with the late night snacks. The steak fries were absolutely amazing! The weekend exemplified an interestingly different exposure to a variety of things you can not do in the city.

Campers and artists alike partcipated in kayaking, kickball, basketball, ping pong, tie dye, scavenger hunts, jam sessions, tennis, nature hikes, swimming, volleyball, yoga, bunk parties, arts and crafts and so much MORE. Lodging, meals, drinks, access to music and activities ALL weekend were presented on an elevated level thst everyone was VIP. Showing up was the only thing on the agenda to ensure a great way to meet new people, form stronger bonds with friends and letting the party continue. 

It was so hard to say goodbye to Camp Lenoxxxxx. (That was a high pitch octave if you were wondering). It was one of the most memorable experiences in my life so far. I think it should be extended to more than just the weekend. Now that I am back into the groove of my daily routine; I want to go back to camp. It gave me the feeling of being in a long undocumented movie that spontaneous lines were stated and will be remembered but not televised in its entirety. 

The fact that you were able to just simply be amongst people with good vibes, enjoyed the weather and took advantage of the laid out schedule at your leisure was a breath of fresh air. Adventure is the key to life and when you throw in a group of eccentric and talented people you have a worthwhile weekend, that is only understood by being there. You can retell your camp adventures but nothing will beat physically being present to witness and the interaction of it all. See you again next year! 

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