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My Fuerza Bruta experience
September 16, 2013

Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta



Fuerza Bruta IIFuerza Bruta II

Fuerza Bruta NYC

Fuerza Bruta NYDope pic

I’ve been gone for a minute now I’m back with my Splash Out. Do a dance in my honor and smile. Hiiii splashy readers!!! I am back to update you on my latest edition of The Chanel Times sponsored by the Chanel enquirer! (as per Angel N.) haha.

Alrite, alrite, alrite!!! (Repeat in Kevin Hart voice) lol – If you have NOT seen Fuerza Bruta (The Daryl Roth Theatre – 101 East 15th Street) as of yet lean over so I can spank you ;-). I know some of you would like that ummm hmmm. Just kidding, well partially. On a serious note I recommend this show from beginning to end it is an experience that you would probably scratch off at least 5 things off your bucket list just by attending. I am all for spontaneous, daring and exciting events and this experience was well worth my coins.
Fuerza Bruta was an excellent show. It was very interactive and lively. Great all around experience. My pictures do not do it any justice supposed to actually being there. So get up and DO IT! The creativity that it displays is phenomenal, filled with surprises and artistic talent.
After this wonderful experience I went to Max Brenner but the wait was an hour and 15 minutes; in my mind I was like ‘CHILLLLL.’ So instead I dined at ICHABOD’s (15 Irving Place) right down the block from the theatre. The ambience was great, little noise level and unfortunately they ran out of pork chops by the time of my arrival. I’m a G but in hearing the news I cried real thug tears.
However, that didn’t stop the show. I had the seared black sea bass, fennel and potato hash, salsa verde accompanied by a three headed sangria. So good!! I also had samples of the roasted half chicken, cole slaw, smashed potatoes and onion CRÈME FRAÎCHE so good stomach joy. Overall I had a great night in the city.
Take advantage of 20 at 20 I won’t explain because reading is fundamental visit and splash out. You have until September 22nd. Don’t say I never told ya nothing yo (insert Rick Ross grunt here). Laughing out loud as you are probably reading aloud.
I’m going to end this scroll until the next SPLASH. Hugs and humps.
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