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Beyond the lights recap
November 17, 2014


Hiiii splashy readers!!! Rock out with me for a moment sing the below lyrics in your best Rihanna voice. Ready, set, GO!

Turn up the lights in here baby
Extra bright, I want y’all to see this
Turn up the lights in here, baby
You know what I need, want you to see everything, want you to see all of the lights


Now that we are officially on the same get hype page let me tell you about my VIP red carpet Beyond the lights movie premiere experience this past Thursday November 13th. I love to dress up for any occasion even of it is for the rain and I am wearing a track suit and some throwback kicks that would make your head turn. However, this event honored the community so a dress, sparkly dressy blazer, matching tights and heels were involved. Just because I like to coordinate – I just chuckled to myself as I heard John Witherspoon voice saying that haha; now you are too I bet 🙂


The COMMUNITY RED CARPET PREMIERE® was a joint initiative of the Urbanworld Film Festival and Our Family Dinner that focused on creating an opening weekend red carpet premiere experience for the ones who truly make films successful – the true VIP’s, our community. The AMC Loews Kips Bay held the special community red carpet premiere of Beyond the Lights and the night was full of surprises.


As the attendees dressed to impress; upon entry they were greeted and escorted to the red carpet as a press pit of photographers and bloggers awaited to interview and take their pictures. As if the private reception with hors-d’oeuvres, an advance movie viewing one day before the nationwide release and movie swag weren’t enough. (inserts drum roll here please) A warm welcome and introduction before the movie followed by the opportunity for a Q and A session moderated by Morgan Kelly Radford after the film with… (is the suspense building up yet?) the writer and director of Love and Basketball and Beyond the lights, Gina Prince-Bythewood.

A keynote VIP special guest was rap recording artist Jaquáe showed his support for Beyond the Lights. He has had a succesful run of hits his latest hit

Thats Harr

it has taken over radio waves and stages everywhere. Wishing him much success as he continues to grind.



As the film began starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Noni and Nate Parker as Kaz I realized that so many issues were addressed. I appreciated the evolution of Noni’s character and watching it unfold. Gina Prince-Bythewood pushed the envelope and fought for this film to be seen with two leading African-American characters the road was rough as she explained in her Q and A session. The issue of self love, image reassurance, life and standing your ground while raising your voice were the tools that tied in a powerful message.

There was a scene in the movie where Noni refused to look at herself in the mirror because she was not comfortable with her image, she went along with what was created for her. Although, it afforded her the luxurious things in life she wasn’t happy because she was a pawn in the music industry. All of the allcolades didn’t mean anything she was even thrown off by a fan shouting “I love you.” She later mentioned that no one saw her but Kaz did and his presence was beneficial to her growth.

Kaz later condemned Noni for her lifestyle but he also received a glimpse of it as he was transitioning into the public light. It was interesting to see how the two switched lifestyles and how they helped each other evolve in love, personal attributes and achievements as they pushed one another.

I also noticed that in both Love and Basketball and Beyond the Lights, Gina Prince-Bythewood kitchen scenes always gives the mother a reassurance of power. We as people see sacrifice and life in a different light than what people show or allow you to know. Everything might be smiles on the outside but a battle behind closed doors. Finding your voice is a regard in this film as well as knowing yourself.

I laughed, frowned, smiled, and gasped watching this film during the visual and blatant issues of sexual objectivity, courtship and standing up for yourself were presented. These are just a few pointers within the movie I don’t want to give it all away. Go support an incredible love story filled with bravery, passion and self discovery. The film soundtrack is phenomenal as well check it out as Gugu Mbatha-Raw shows off another one of her talents.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

Banksy does New York
November 2, 2014


Banksy does New York directed by Chris Moukarbel was a reflection of how we perceive materialism, give materials value and carry the torch as the driving force behind popularity. Chris Moukarbel captured art on a public spectrum made for enjoyment, appreciation and social awareness become the phenomenon element of greed, theif and profit.

Banksy forced you to look at social issues and history by accompanying clues within videos on his website creating a scavenger hunt for his art always having an alluring undertone message. The intrigue and mystique of Banksy not wanting to be seen is a glimpse of projectory appreciation of privacy and offering a visual experience for open interpretation not fame. Often we over look things that are right in front of us, because it isn’t presented in the light that we want it to be. Instead of just accepting it for what it is.


Banksy made the unnoticed noticable; the same thing you may have overlooked yesterday he brought meaning to it by opening your spectrum of value. The concept was simple Occupy art on the walls of different streets; it didn’t stop there. Banksy pushed the envelope all the while enhancing neighborhoods with a form of expression with historical background.


When you create something you have a set expectation of how you want to reach people however, you don’t have control over how others will receive your social currency and what it “will become.” Banksy’s art became a social scavenger hunt forcing people outside of their environmental element, his work became exploited, vandalized, protected by the Wet Wipe Gang, sold, sort after, open to public scrutiny and a hot topic on the news leading to a man hunt for his arrest.

The supply of his work was demanded by hunters, art conveissors, the eagerness to be in the know but not all of the attention it brought forth was wanted. Banksy opened a spectrum causing people to be engaging, aware of their surroundings and step outside of their comfort zone for a mobile social experience beyond social networking.

He challenged others to visit places they probably would not normally frequent and people took advantage of that opportunity. It displayed the barrier of gentrification and shed light on locals awareness as they made a profit. Some people charged hunters to take a picture of a Banksy in a public space. He brought value to a neighborhood that was overlooked; as the posed question remains from Day 10 “Would you have come to this neighborhood if this (Banksy artwork) wasn’t here?”

No explanation leaves it open for people to use their imagination as to what they depict it as. It caused a frenzy, several debates, critique, people gathering to engage in a unique experience and a glimpse at our culture through actions. Furthermore highlighting the failure to think beyond what is presented without researching the history or existence of a work. His crafty insight raised money for a homeless shelter and issued greater good.


Day 12 highlighted the notion of “buying into the hype.” We are so oblivious that signs are right within our reach but we choose to ignore them. Later, it becomes a “I wish I or I should have..” of course when a $60 piece is later valued at $250K. Views of art were tested as people claimed ownership, profited, tagged and painted over greatness (the aspect of thought provoking art that created a common community no matter what your background was). Could or did Banksy foresee all of this happening by sharing his ingenious passion? We will never know.

Support this documentary do your research as it will be premiered at The SVA Theatre this month at The DOC NY Festival. Good day splashy readers!

12 years a slave
November 6, 2013

Lord forgive me for things I don’t understand As Kendrick plays in my background as I type. Hiiii splashy readers. Sorry for the wait I’m back momentarily before I disappear like the pop up book I am.


I just saw 12 years a slave exciting in the sense that Solomon fought for what was right, emotional in how far we have come and inspiring because our work isn’t done. Here we have the opportunities to vote, be in integrated schools and FREEDOM. Yet, we drop out, don’t vote, sit at the back of the bus and take punches. Men were not in their children’s lives because they were kidnapped however, today many abandon the innocent because the responsibility was not in their plans. 


These are just some of the thoughts that were spiraling in my head as I watched this movie. Many of our great leaders were assassinated, hosed down, lynched and mauled while fighting for the equalities we have today. We can eat in the same restaurants,  drink from the same fountains and be educated openly. 


Read some of my poems below. You learned something new today didn’t you admit it. Smiles.

MiMi (Unprecedented Acoustics by Chanel Speedy)

To the educated fatherless child/who couldn’t fit in/with those with fathers/so she figure why bother/Forced her to be alienated/so stones were thrown/because he rolled/She was a slave to many fathers/no steady men/She became promiscuous/blatantly she needed her fathers love/Her walls were written on by many daddies/His swollen pen is what she worshipped/Church the bed establishment/moans rejoicing/Definition dictation satisfaction/See men were her game/she conquered and played/Attention paid/money thrown/latest fashion seeked/heart worn on her sleeve/Men never saw MiMi inner beauty/she didn’t care/just wanted to release/As long as her pockets were lined with my last name/and clothing my given name/she could care less/like her father/Some never felt the inside of MiMi with either head/or know how deep her tunnel ran/They explored the mentally matured being/teasing her intellectually/forcing her to face reality/Daddy a parent she hasn’t seen/However she is more than her sex appeal/Apparently


(appears on the album Unprecedent Acoustics by Chanel Speedy)

Love is a revolution

My life is an evolution

So what’s the solution to the masses confusion

Driving the sane to higher institutions

To educate those who are illiterate

Offer hope of making better contributions

The teachers become students

If we all see the same problem it isn’t a masked illusion

Deeply rooted in our society

We rank HIGH in definition

But low in life expectancy 

Dismiss poverty

Welcome wealth into your mind stadium

Seamingly my pen works as a needle diligently

And my words are the thread


stitching in TRUTH

Uplift your voice as a component

Your ticket to set yourself FREE

Sow it into HISTORY

Thank you for reading it means a lot don’t ya know. Hugs and humps your splashiness. Adds a curtsy. I’m out!






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