November 30, 2021


“Hard in da Paint” Rapper is set to perform at the Atlanta Hawks’ Home Game on December 3, 2021 for the launch of SKRIT Streetwear.

ATLANTA – Today, the Hawks Shop, (the official team store of the Atlanta Hawks) has announced a special in-store collaboration with SKRIT; the new streetwear line by Atlanta’s own Waka Flocka Flame. To help introduce the co-branded four-piece capsule, the award-winning music and television star is scheduled for a special in-game performance. Following the game he will host a meet-and-greet at the main Hawks Shop with fans who purchased items from the collection. The Hawks’ home contest against the Philadelphia 76ers is set for 7:30 p.m. Tipoff and marks the second of 12 ‘Forever 404’ nights, which pays homage to Atlanta culture, past, present and future.

The line is intended for both the young and seasoned fans, with a neutral-color palette. SKRIT streetwear will be available for purchase for fans exclusively at the main Hawks Shop [near Gate 1] at the State Farm Arena. Each item in this collection features the Hawks’ logo on elevated luxurious t-shirts, fleece crewnecks and joggers.

“I’m excited about bringing SKRIT to my hometown of Atlanta with one of the most iconic teams in the NBA. SKRIT has no creative ceiling and I consider this one of the most potentially worthwhile investments I’ve made in a long time.” – Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka Flame has been known for his unabashed support for Atlanta sports teams. With endless references mentioned in his timeless singles “O Let’s Do It”, “Hard in da Paint” and “No Hands.”

SKRIT draws inspiration from the culture and the community to create on-trend and sustainable collections. As one of the top fashionable brands to originate in Montreal, Canada. SKRIT is defined by freedom of expression, made for the people and by the people. SKRIT prides in having longevity, durability, and high-quality fashion. All the designed pieces within the collection are created with the most sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

SKRIT’s founder, Pratheep Kanesh aka “Stally”, initially met Waka Flocka Flame based on their companies NFT creativity and capabilities which they have been flourishing within their Satoshi.ART division/LLC. Through Art and partnership with Nilson Martinez, it blossomed and expanded into fashion, which they consider to be the new intersection between the virtual and physical space and interconnected with multitudes of creative and diverse audiences. SKRIT transforms its collections and reconfigures them through street language and aesthetics. The mood and energy drives the streetwear collection into a maximum interaction of two aesthetics at the antipodes in a perfectly mixed and amalgamated collision of styles.

To secure a ticket for the Hawks game on Friday, December 3rd it will include: a custom Hawks x Waka Flocka T-shirt and $10 of food and beverage credit, visit

About the Atlanta Hawks
Committed to entertaining and uniting the city of Atlanta since 1968, the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena, under the leadership of Principal Owners Tony Ressler and Jami Gertz, continue to build bridges through basketball by following its True to Atlanta mantra. On the court, the Hawks’ exciting young core is led by All-Star point guard Trae Young as the organization received the NBA’s top ranking in overall in-game experience for the last two seasons. Off the court, the Hawks organization focuses on positively impacting the lives of Atlantans through providing access to youth basketball, fighting food insecurity, and the recent transformation of State Farm Arena into Georgia’s largest-ever voting precinct for the 2020 elections. The Hawks family also includes the College Park Skyhawks (NBA G League) and Hawks Talon Gaming Club (NBA 2K League). Atlanta Hawks Membership, which includes your seat for every home game for the 2021-22 regular season, is on sale now at by calling 866-715-1500. For more information on the Hawks, log on to or follow us on social media @ATLHawks.

SKRIT is a premium streetwear brand created in Montreal, Canada in 2019 by founders Pratheep Kanesh aka ‘Stally” & Nilson Martinez who had a vision to bring this amazing line and concept to life. With a hustler’s spirit at the core, their love for art and street culture, gave birth to SKRIT, a brand now backed by a community of creatives who consider SKRIT an extension of their own personality i.e. the unique messaging through the art driven designs seen on the clothing.

Blame Canada, blame Canada
October 7, 2013




Blame Canada, blame Canada. In a good way ONLY not in the way Jamie Foxx blamed it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol (lol). I blame Canada for all of the good decisions I made this weekend.

I started at UB (University of Buffalo) for Family weekend thanks to my sissy Pooh Samantha. Waves frantically hiiiii boo. Miss you already. Have I told you I love youuuuu lately. Have I told you; you mean the world to meeeee (hits piano key for dramatic effect) I love spending time with her always a pleasure. Mwahz.

We attended the Kool in the gang concert that was rockin’. Mama Speedy educated us by informing us that they have the most albums of all-time. As they performed their original songs that have been sampled and remade by today’s artist that we two step to. Kool in the Gang’s catalog is super impressive from Ladies Night, Celebrate, Joanna, Too Hot, Jungle Boogie and the list goes on and on. They made my request to be a one hit wonder reappear again. I clicked the heels of my green plaid skippies; give me 3 years. I left my heels at home (3 years was the disclaimer for clicking your heels in sneakers. BUCKET LISTED!!!)

From the tailgating in the parking lot, welcome wagon, free photo booth, free cotton candy, free popcorn, free dream evaluation, free rock climbing ok I think you get the point with the redundancy of the word FREE. After picking up the tickets to Niagara Falls I enjoyed having a reoccurring dream interpreted by Jami she was very informative and precise. For someone who didn’t know me to be inspired by what I shared was awesome. She suggested becoming my cheerleader to follow my progress; I obliged and she has been crowned justly.

The more I travel the more I see that my visions are unfolding and I have avenues to change people’s views. After speaking to Jami, I had the most enlightening conversation with Jakeem about future projects, music, media perception, Kanye West contribution to the art form of music evolution, and life in general. I really enjoyed it and we will embark on sharing our visions with the world together.

“All I have are dreams/no one else can see/No one else believes/no one but me/where are you victory?/Meet me half way so we can make history.” – Jay Z (History off the More than a game soundtrack; revamped by me)

Flash forward I’m in Canada here is why I blame you for a good time. For starters my stay was at the Skyline Inn at Falls Avenue Resort (Shout Out to Groupon whoop whoop) my package included an indoor water park, bumper cars, movie night in the courtyard and mini golf.

Oh how can I fail to neglect that I received an upgrade for simply being ME :-). No sharing 2 queen beds we all had our own bed in the 3 bedroom Skyline Suite POW! Everything was within walking distance I was right in the mix of everything. I hit the casino and won some coins literally I played the quarter slots.

The indoor water park had a heated walk way accessible by not having to leave the hotel with an excellent view of the strip. The amusement park was equipped with water slides, tubing, indoor pool basketball and a hot tub.

Good game Babe bro we played a very competitive basketball game which started from a game until 5 and ended at 11. He hit a buzzer beater (that’s not true there wasn’t a shot clock; I made that up). I just happen to lose by 2 when I just so happen to live and die by my jump shot as we gradually moved to the higher baskets. It’s cool the first step is admitting it and I’m NOT a sore loser anymore.

I was just satisfied I caught an alley because I’m nice nasty like that yea. (That was me bragging did you catch it? I’m 5’2 on a good day I felt like LeBron ou’cere. Tuh. La la la la you couldn’t tell me nothing.)

I recommend the Skyline Inn at Falls Avenue Resort if you plan on staying in Canada with small children or just to bring your inner child out. The casino is directly across the street from Skyline you can easily walk to the Falls, Adventure City where the bumper cars and mini golf vouchers can be cashed in, the Nightmare Fear Factory Haunted House (I’m silly and laugh at everything so in the words of Bone Crusher “I ain’t never scared.”) Sorry Darron but you have the crazy eyes in our pic. I still heart ya babe bro pahahaha. I didn’t get on the Skywheel because my boo boo wasn’t with me (next time – all you gotta do is say YES ;-D) wahhhh. Ok I’m back sometimes you have to let out thug tears even if you’re a G.

My weekend was complete. I really enjoyed Family Weekend. Back to life, back to reality work in the am. Oh I forgot I actually like my job. It’s don’t be a sucker Monday unless you are g….  Just kidding (well partially) I will push the chill button this time and keep that one to myself. However, if you figure it out feel free to chuckle or comment so we can laugh together. Haha Happy Monday splashy readers!











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