What is in Andrea’s Closet?
December 4, 2014




Cardigan $65


Mickey head jeans $40

Hiii splashy readers!!! Splash out with me real quick. (Drops Kanye West – Good Life instrumental. Fast forward to the 3rd verse) You ready? I always had the passion for flashing/before I had it/I closed my eyes and imagine/the good life… If you feeling me now put your hands up in the sky and let me hear you say Aye! (points imaginary mic to the crowd for a response) Aye! (this is to be repeated 3 times) Haha ok I’m good. (As I curtsy and end the concert and sing a long).


Mens wool coat $95

Now that I have you just as hype as I am I want you to get familiar with Andrea Closet based in NYC a wholesale seller that ships worldwide. Andrea is a personal shopper that caters to the needs of her clients based on their style, function and their openness to versatility. Check out her website http://andreascloset13.storenvy.com/ there is a great selection of styles at reasonable prices for both men and women jeans, coats, shirts, dresses, accessories and more.


Mens Sweater $45

Andrea Closet was created with Storenvy, an online store builder and marketplace for inspired brands. As a shopper, you can discover and buy items from multiple stores from all over the world and check out in one simple step. The 3 pictures above are my top choices that Andrea Closet has available. One of my childhood nicknames were Mickey so that was an automatic fav, I love the sequence of pattern of the blazer and the color pops it can be worn casually or you can dress it up. I adore seeing men in cardigans, pea coats and oh don’t get me started on grandfather patches on any article of clothing. Seeing grandfather patches makes me smile.


Behind every passion there is a story and I want to invite you to read what I discovered about Personal shopper and wholesale seller Andrea as I interviewed her on fashion, inspiration and her vision.

Chanel Speedy: Where do you see yourself in the future in the fashion world within the next 5 years?

Andrea Closet: I see myself in the fashion world within the next five years with my own clothing line with a market based in New York City and London. I would love to become a celebrity designer.

Chanel Speedy: What marketing channel is the most successful for you?

Andrea Closet: My most successful marketing channel as of now are Instagram (@andreacloset) and Facebook www.facebook.com/andrea.closet.14

Chanel Speedy: How did you become interested in fashion and what influences you to continue?

Andrea Closet: I loved fashion ever since I was a little girl, it was always in me I guess you can say I was born to be involved in fashion in some shape or form. I sketched and played dress up all the time as a little girl. 

4) If you had the authority to enforce your view in the world of fashion, what specific changes would you make?

Andrea Closet: I would change trends. I think fashion is about what you love to wear or like. Fashion should reflect who you are, not what is in for the moment, season or year.

Chanel Speedy: That is a very good point where styles are always revisited. I concur I believe that fashion should be an expression of you reflecting the comfort you have in your own skin inspiring individuality. Many times over saturated styles become fads rather quickly because everyone looks the same. The trends shouldn’t change as fast but there should be a suggested blueprint to ensure we evolve in presentation through textiles.

Chanel Speedy: Tell us the story behind your inspiration or of a person who inspires you?

Andrea Closet: I guess you can say my grandmother was my inspiration may she rest in peace. She was a Southern bell who moved to the big City of New York . She wore whatever she liked and made it look hella good. She always said wear what you can afford and make it look like it cost millions. She taught me that your shoes and bags should not be what you spend the most of your money on and she was right. She believed in me and pushed me to go further.

Chanel Speedy: Wow I offer my condolences. We share a common thread both of our grandmothers were our inspirational leaders that motivated and believed in us. She dropped a few gems and I wish you the best in your present and future endeavors.

Splashy readers to contact Andrea email andreacloset2013@gmail.com. Don’t forget to smile today #iSmileforAngele ❤

K Michelle Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart Album review
December 3, 2014


Hiiii splashy readers we are a week away from K. Michelle’s release of her sophomore album! K. Michelle will release her second album entitled Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? on December 9th. This album follows her 2013 release of Rebellious Soul album which had the hit “Can’t Raise A Man” that peaked at Number 94 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and 23 on the Hot R and B/Hip Hop songs chart. You have also seen her appear on several VH1 shows and her own spin off including: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and New York, Rebellious Soul and K. Michelle: My Life. K. Michelle has released Love Em All on iTunes as the first single from AWBAH is one of my favorites off of the easy listen album. K. Michelle also released How do you know? and it shot to Number One on the iTunes R and B charts.

Last night, I finally had time to watch K. Michelle: My Life and being that I had to play catch up I watched episodes 3 and 4. I know weird it is similar to how I read a book I always read the last page first, middle and then start the book from the beginning. A simple luxury turned habit since I was younger and I had to write book reports. We can fast forward our TV’s and skim through books to get the common motif for parallelism. However, in life we can not foresee the future we have to live and everything is within the moment and to be continued until it is acted upon.

From the two episodes that I watched last night I gathered this much more about K. Michelle besides her being hilarious, out spoken, and such a driven artist. She has such big heart, a great relationship with both her son and her mother and she is focused on her music and creative outlet. I also learned that she is a Leo as well which makes so much sense on how lovable she is. She is a friend in my head she seems like a great person to be around or just to crack jokes with. K. Michelle will be at the famous Apollo Theatre (253 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027) for a performance at 8pm on the same day as her album drops December 9th save the date.

I listened to the album three times (3 is my favorite number by the way; it is a long story. I want to stick to the topic on hand haha I am good for telling you a whole story and then jumping back to the original discussion. Lol I just did it ;-D). The first time I listened to it I focused solely on the instrumental and the sounds. The second time I was blindfolded and focused only on the words that stuck out to me. The final time I listened I listened to it as a whole production including all of the elements that I previously singled out. Another one of my weird habits I invite you to try it.


Song Breakdown</strong

1. Judge Me – The piano played a strong component in the delivery of the tone in this song. I love the way the temptation takes on her vocal range. It carries on a very jazzy undertone that can be compared to the Harlem Renaissance Era to me. It is easy to point the finger at someone else without looking at the situation in its entirety and recognize your role in the way the person reacted. This is a common mistake I notice in various situations.

2. Love Em All – I love this song!!! A snippet was featured in K. Michelle: My Life episode 4 when she was in the studio.

“I broke another heart today, And I didn’t care I just walked away, ‘Cause they think I love em, but I love em all, I need another one to get over the other one.” On this track K. Michelle sung from the bottom of a circle and a marble went back and forth as she panned her voice. Or the notion of the motion of a swing is a better comparison for your interpretation.

3. Going Under – “Who is gonna pick me up?” This song is about giving so much of yourself and it not being returned in the truest form that you have displayed. Just as her voice on this track it was an open ended question to receiving love given. The drums stand out as it is a smooth listen to the search of love returning as it has left. “Love don’t let me down, come back around.”

4. Cry – This song has an Isley Brother feel to me. K. Michelle’s octaves elevate over the instruments for a good blend of sound. It expresses treating someone as they treat you in a relationship when you are done and had enough. “Pay me in tears, you owe me for all these years.” The vocals pushed forward as if they were in your face. I promise you will do the bounce that Pam from Total used to do back in the day listening to this song. Lol but for serious.

5. How Do You Know? – The piano accent took over it carried propelled her vocals. Love fills you up and leaves you dry.” K. Michelle opened her vocals as she reveals love feels so good in the moment but it is just within that moment if it doesn’t last. The moment you realize her upward spiral octave is in comparison to the Dow Jones arrow you will smile (it will inch up, up, up, up, drop, go up again and then mellow out.)

6. Hard To Do – K. Michelle has a flow in which she sings and raps her way through telling her experience. “Missing you is hard to do, I’d rather be f____ you.” Yea that pretty much sums it up. K. Michelle you are not alone I second your sentiments with someone as well. Touche. One of (three) of my favorite songs off this album it is in heavy rotation I knew all the words by the second time I heard it. She sings in a 6 count pattern and adds a swing on the word “You.”

7. Maybe I Should Call – In a recent interview K. Michelle revealed that this song was about Idris Elba (Just let that sink in. Sexual Chocolate pahaha) We all have to live through her vicariously. Lawddd) It starts off as a hip soothing lullaby as the instruments take on the sound of someone beat boxing. This song was a reflection of a past courtship that has K. Michelle questioning can she compete with a baby, the other woman in his life and where does she fit in this equation. She rode the drum rhythm to perfection.

8. Something About The Night – There was heavy strings in the introduction. It is an instant head nodding, sway from side to side and snap your fingers type of song due to the catchy beat. The break within this song is a gift wrapped and when you hear it you will understand what I meant by that statement. Her “high” fades as the song concludes.

9. Miss You, Goodbye – I can relate to this song and the fact of missing someone but not their ways. Some people will always be apart of your life as far how they made an impact however, you can’t allow them to remain in your life. Harsh truth you outgrow people as you evolve as a person. There is also the sequence of events that you don’t accept them moving on if they let you go. Either side of the coin you have to adjust and move on with your life.

10. Build A Man Intro/Build A Man – K. Michelle expressed that throughout her experience with men they all gave her a song to sing, but none gave her a ring. It was broken into two segments and she stated that she wants a man that has “a set of eyes that only look at me.” She would like him to be made perfect for her. This song gave me the visual of a Broadway theatre setting or a scene from School Daze. The feeling had a musical tone as the sound was full as her vocals were stacked.

11. Drake Would Love Me – This song is so cutesy to me. She made Drake song references throughout the song with such a creative open letter. It was a response to Drake not finding a good woman as he is in the position of dating. “I’d be the best he ever had, he’d be on his best behavior, he would make me so proud.” 

12. God I Get It – “Always loving what don’t love me, put my trust in things I don’t need, my poor heart should be mad at me, I just leave my wounds to bleed, have I learned anything, you showed me signs to help me see, I love so blindly, I’m taking full responsibility.” This is my third favorite song “I keep learning the same lessons while I’m missing out on blessings, God I get it.” This song speaks to me and it was equivalent to Heaven I need a hug by R. Kelly in my mind.

Decemeber 9th support K. Michelle’s growth this album is a great easy listen all the way through I did not skip one track. Good luck in all of your present and future endeavors K. Michelle. This is an amazing album or in the terms that frequently come out of my mouth “This album is the definition of Splashery it leaves a lasting impression.”

To pre-order Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? (AWBAH) go to iTunes >https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/anybody-wanna-buy-a-heart/id931180022

Well that’s all folks until next time splashy readers do what makes you happy! Hugs


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