29 Rooms of inspiration
September 13, 2017

Inspiration is something you can gain by using your five senses and causing you to apply or evaluate how you are or will leave a footprint on the world, your life or relationships. Creativity is visible ambition fueled by the inspiration of retelling HISTORY, bringing enlightenment to YOUR story or shedding knowledge on a relatable impactful topic!

I attended Refinery 29’s 2nd Annual 29 Rooms an interactive art experience. The remarkable event ran from September 8th until September 11th. My take on the experience of the many forms of art displayed was and still is days after in 3 words are: memorable, impactful and MOTIVATING! Why? Well, if you attended you would feel the same sentiments and then some if you did not attend one of two things. 29 rooms will be transporting their talents to L.A. December 7-10 visit http://www.refinery29.com/29rooms/ for more information.

The 29 rooms are curated to allow your inner child to explore, play and live in the moment. The theme of this year was “Turn It Into Art” which encompassed everything from sports, old school traditional spins, music, women’s rights and catharic experiences sprinkled with magic. Madame Gandhi and Jen Mussari created a women empowerment themed room that inspired you to put on inspiring boxing gloves painted with a strong message of ‘The Future is Female.’ As I took out some of my aggression on the boxing bags creating a symphony of sounds. I realized as a female we are making strides however, we still have a ways to go.

Jake Gyllenhaal created a room that allowed you to escape from yourself with deep thought. Stepping away from advanced technology (aside from posting; of course) and really taking it back to the basics. When asked to ‘put on paper whatever is weighing you down, then shred it and feel the power of letting go.’ It did not stop there you actually had the opportunity to shred it MANUALLY. How cool is that!

Juicy Couture added a winter wonderland landscape themed feel in the summer, summertime introducing the Glacé Getaway room. The room had an arctic artsy feel decorated with fake snow as you became a figure within a snowglobe. The Viva La Juicy Glacé fragance was light and floral. I appreciated the sample sized tube as I entered you gained a new customer Juicy; nice touch. 

Cadillac stood out to me not only because it allowed me to have a photoshoot with the open space lol let’s just say I “dared greatly” as the hashtag suggested. Cadillac saw an untapped opening as an established car brand and collaborated with Jason Wu to target an audience in an innovative way. It was a canvas that you added your style to as the display deconstructed the car and, dared you to utilize what existed and what you could not reach or touch.

Overall, it was a great experience that is Chanel Speedy Approved if you have the opportunity to travel for a day trip or you are a local do yourself a favor check it out. It is a super fun way to spend a day or days navigating through rooms of inspiration, motivation and parallel emotions you may have or expressed prior in multiple art forms. Special thanks to Nasdaq for featuring me on their Times Square tower as I was feeling empowered, ambitious and confident and turned it into art incorporating fashion.


Contribute to your community with assisting the #iSmileForAngele Foundation
June 13, 2016



#iSmileForAngele is more than a hashtag it started as an incentive program that was started as a memorial tribute to Chanel Speedy’s late grandmother Angele. Angele gave so much of herself to ensure that everyone around her was comfortable, feed; as she dedicated her life to making others smile. Motivated by carrying on the torch of Angele’s legacy it is now a foundation that will give back to the Harlem community.


It was founded to inspire and make an impact ensuring that the smallest gesture can make a difference. Through servicing others in need for the betterment of addressing social issues and contributing to the community on a higher level is the mission.


Molding the leaders of tomorrow is our responsibility. Starting small is a step in a positive direction. In my stride to give back to my community I have partnered with other organizations to bring necessary programs back. Change begins by implementing a vision that we want to see continuously carried out.


Right before our eyes families are being displaced from their homes, imperative programs are being discontinued from our children’s schools and gun violence is cutting the life span of many short. Is it because there is not enough constructive resources, recreational activities or job opportunities?


In order to better our chances to excel we MUST unite, educate and uplift. The #iSmileForAngele Foundation will include and provide:

– Back to school supplies give away
– Feeding the less fortunate
– Book vouchers for college bound students
– Food, toy and clothing drives
– Job readiness seminars for young adults
– Women Empowerment
– Live in Your Truth NYC
– GRACE Community Center
– Mentorship program
– Splashgiving mini society program
– Community service
– Volunteer work


To donate your time please contact Chanel Speedy at: iSmileForAngele@gmail.com


Don’t forget to smile today!

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