La Grata is making a splash in the South Bronx
November 6, 2016

Chef Erminio Conte

Hiii splashy readers I have to tell you about this one time I told everyone to look out my dab after tasting the Trenette Al Pesto Genovese pasta. Haha. Ok let’s hit the rewind button on this Splash Out I was honored to be a guest for the tasting of the new pizzoteca’s menu and boy was it a delightful casual fine dining experience. 

Baked Ziti

La Grata an Italian eatery and pizzeria is in the heart of The South Bronx serving a variety of scrumptious gourmet soft crust firewood pizzas, fresh pastas, salads and desserts. Executive Chef Erminio Conte a native from Italy is the master behind the establishment that brings comfort food to New Yorkers. La Grata is located at 136 Alexander Avenue (on E 134th Street) in Port Morris bringing family tradition passed down through food. 

Nutella pizza

Conte imported two ovens from Southern Italy port of Naples to add authenticity to the Italian cuisines. The unique decor ranges from the tasteful artwork that decorates the walls to the artsy bronze basketball hoop that hangs in the back of the establishment gives off a chill vibe to dine with family or friends. This laid back setting eatery has been approved by New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony as he tweeted “Check out #LaGrata Pizzeria in #SouthBronx for that authentic slice.”

Chanel Speedy’s favorites were: the Carbonara pizza (white pizza with bacon and eggs) it was simply amazing! I love bacon so need I state more. 

The Trenette Al Pesto Genovese pasta (basil, pine nuts, romano cheese and extra virgin olive oil with fresh trenette made daily) had everyone dabbing as it was pure stomach joy! 

The Ricotta Cheesecake (traditional Italian cheesecake with local ricotta) comes in a really cute mason jar and it is topped with whipped cream and strawberry drizzle. Let’s just say you will NOT want to share this with anyone and it may cause you to get distracted if you are in a conversation. 

I recommend La Grata great food, great ambiance, excellent service and well priced food. Don’t just take my word for it visit and tell me what your favorite dish is. La Grata hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. 10 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sex on the table
June 18, 2015

As Sevyn Streeter ‘Sex on the ceiling’ plays in the background (“Turn the bed upside down/flip me round/Gravity’s left the building/
I’ll be on top, really I’ll be on the bottom/‘Cus we goin be having sex on the ceiling” – I heart this song) and we are familiar with R. Kelly singing about having ‘Sex in the Kitchen’ (uh huh over by the stove lol). Now here I am revamping my experience about having Sex on the table. (wink) Now that I have your attention hiii splashy readers. (inserts frantic wave here) Oh what a night filled with aphrodisiacs, sexual innuendo, fun and delicious FOOD!!! (chuckles… got ’em)



If you are looking for a cutesy night out on the town that will be entertaining, explore all of your 5 senses and leave you satisfied (insertd wink here) All you gotta do is say YES. Whether you take your homie, lover, friend or foodie by nature buddy you are in for a treat. Sex on the table is a hands on cooking experience with aphrodisiacs that will excite your palette. Chef Fed is a charismatic, skillful, hilarious and a master at his craft as he offers advice, tips and techniques for cooking more efficiently such as plating professionally and the proper way of cutting foods.


Enjoy meeting new people as you help prepare and create a complete three-course meal with Chef Fed and at the end be seated to enjoy it in a private dining setting.


My Sex on the Table experience included: Course 1 – marinated grapefruit and oranges on fennel with parlsey oil rosemary oil-seared. Course 2 – chicken breast with Marsala butter, baked asparagus, and roasted fingerling potatoes. Andddd for dessert souffle with peppered strawberries and chocolate drizzle and sage cream. Hor.. I mean hungry yet?



Overall, I had an amazing night, extraordinary experience and the food was delicious. Book your class today at YES.

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!

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