Welcome to Lime-a-Rita Land
April 8, 2017

Welcome to Lime-A-Rita Land. Enter at your own risk! 

Hi splashy readers!!! Sorry for the wait. I received all of your emails anticipating my return to report who is the splashiest of them all. I have been occupied winning awards, getting acknowledged for my community service work amongst other projects that you will see in the near future. 

I attended The Lime-A-Rita debut party to introduce the new flavor and boy oh boy was it cutesy and intimate. The event was hosted by Jessie James Decker at Eden Fine Art Gallery which included guests enjoying the new Lime-A-Rita flavors which included: Lime-A-Rita, Peach-A-Rita, Grape-A-Rita, Straw-ber-Rita Splash and Pine-Apple-Rita Splash in grand fashion.

There are so many options. Which flavor would you like to try next? Peach, please. (See what I did there?)

The Fruit Pop Art manicure station by Julie Kandalec allowed guests to be pampered with complimentary service and a cute fruit accent of their choice. It was only fitting to get my favorite color pink and incorporate a lime accent. It is all about the SPLASH! (wink)

The make your own sweatshirt/T-shirt or clutch bag station provided and pressed by Bow and Drape was a hit. At this station you could personally design an item with hashtag of the night #MargaReady or simply emojis such as: the dancing margarita woman, stars, hearts and lipstick patches. I am always Margaready so consider this the advanced pre Cinco de Mayo celebration that just happen to be in April. Lol.

There were also savory bites, spring fashion preview display by Kittenish, interactive exhibit rooms with balloons, an autograph wall and plenty of drinks to go around. The introduction to the new Lime-A-Rita flavors was a fun filled event. Be sure to try the new flavors and splash in to let me know which one is the most splashy to you. Check out my favorite below. 

Until next time toodles.

The Best Man Holiday
November 15, 2013


Ok ok ok Im going to give you a lot but in actuality it’s only a little bit.  Get into it. Be intrigued and support this long awaited sequel. All in aggreeance nod your head yes. It’s not as if I an confirm you did but do it anyway.

The Best Man Holiday is a great movie kudos to Malcolm D Lee it was well written and directed. The character development was awesome, the message behind each scenario makes you cherish who your friends are (I KNOW WHO MINE ARE!!!) and it was hilarious.

Be prepared to be on an emotional roller coaster, it is tear jerker there was not a dry eye in the theater. Sheesh. My tear ducts are usually broken because yall know I’m a G so you know I only cry thug tears. Tuh they may roll but they never fall B. End scene. Haha. That was my audition to making you smile. Did you?

Special shout out to Calcie Cooper (Social broker), Sky Room and AMC Theaters. Here is your homework assignment splashy readers – wait for it, wait for it —>GO see this movie!!! (Yes that was my high pitch yell). I’m giving pop quizzes on sight as of Monday you have 3 days. I will haunt your dreams and hire bouncers to escort you to the theater if you don’t.

Enjoy your weekend all. Smiles.


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