My shin is ashy smh
November 10, 2013

Lol so on my way to donate clothes to the House of Mary Nazareth. I’m pushing my shopping cart jamming to my music I didn’t notice the sidewalk was unleveled. The shopping cart wheels caught on and it flew forward I let it drop and it scraped my shin all the while laughing. Moral of the story is watch what is around you at all times, life tests your balance 24/7/365 if you fall get back up and carry out your mission. ‪#‎Splashy‬ side bar: my leg is ashy now tuh

Read my poem entitled Beautiful Butterfly below it relates to my experience and it may just enlightened you. Well I know it will. So just snap your fingers and do a step after reading. Smiles.

Transcending Metamorphis
I evolve
I transform
Here I sit developing all my features
Similar to a fetus
I rise
Molding takes form in the cocoon similar to a womb
Caterpillars crawl
I have to learn to adapt to my new surroundings
You nurture me in order for me to grow

Break through my old bodily form
My wings spread
Can’t stay on the ground
I have to fly
Excel – propel to the sky
Beautiful Butterfly

I soar
I’m free
Succeeding in life
I’m flying to new heights
I see life in a different light
Its beautiful
Instead of looking to the clouds
I am one with them NOW

Changes – transformations
Throughout stages overtime
Just as I mature bypass resiliency to transgress
I grow
Immature time over
I grew over time into a Beautiful Butterfly

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