The new speakeasy Casa De Lobo is making a splash in Jersey City!
March 22, 2023

They Love My Splash Report: There’s a new members only speakeasy restaurant making a splash in Jersey City. My experience was incredible! Casa De Lobo brings a different vibe every night from Thursday to Sunday. They provide premium ingredients for the delectable small and large plates, handcrafted drinks, and amazing service. Be sure to follow the WOLF (literally) as the ambience transforms into a sleek, sexy, and classy atmosphere. The woody esque decor is allows you to escape into a forest like wonderland.

Chef Rudy Straker and Chef Darryl Harmon add the culinary experience to the allure of the chic atmosphere. Be prepared to enter the world of the wolf. From the warm welcome upon entering onto taking in the ambience being sat at your table.

You will feel as if you entered a whole new world. It is definitely the atmosphere for a once in a lifetime moment you want to be present for. I tried Grilled Spanish Octopus for the first time EVER here and it was delicious. I can commend the chefs for introducing such a delicacy to my palette. It was made to perfection with: black ink, shaved red onions, cilantro, and burnt blood orange vinaigrette.

The resident DJ Rock On will have you time traveling with classic hits that will test your vocal skills. You couldn’t tell me I did not sound like Patti Labelle I sang my heart out. From the blends, transitions, and music selection it is sage to say you will feel like the King or Queen of Karaoke.

Every single plate and dessert picture shown below was exquisite. From the portions being generous, excellently plated, and to sum it up in one word “scrumptious.” The staff customer service was very personable matched with high magnetic energy making you feel at ease as this exclusive experience allowed you to live in the NOW! Casa De Lobo is a great place to come to network meet new people, listen to good tunes, and have a great time.

Snake River Farms Skirt Steak


Deconstructed Banana Pudding
  • Decadent Banana pudding, vanilla wafer crumble, banana brúlée
Chocolate Tres Leche Cake
  • Sweet Pepper Escabeche
Shadow Bloom
  • St. George Spiced Pear, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, cinnamon honey, Lime, Black walnut bitters
  • The Shadow Bloom was a highlight drink that came with a flame and an added a spark! Dope presentation.

Ceaser, the owner is approachable, charismatic, and a visionary creating a space for not only fellowship, camaraderie, but elegant unmatched territory where each night is an experience of its own. By encompassing a theme that you will remember everything you just by walking through the speakeasy door of exclusivity. {SPLASH METER: 10/10}

So what are you waiting for??? Visit or follow Casa De Lobo on Instagram to inquire about membership to have talking points for your own EXPERIENCE.

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Help G.R.A.C.E (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) Inc., Assist the Bronx Fire Victims
January 11, 2022

G.R.A.C.E (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) Inc., mission entails assisting our community by supplying basic necessities and tackling food insecurity.

Currently, we are pooling our resources together for the greater good in assisting those affected in the recent Bronx fire.

This unfortunate occurrence made us spring into action and we are reaching out to ask if you can assist in providing meal kits for those who are hospitalized.

We have a team coordinating the deliveries and your assistance would be a great help.

Clothing and footwear donation drop off locations:

Harlem Self Storage

9 West 141st Street

New York, NY 10037

Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm

Saturday 8am-4pm


If you would like to volunteer, assist in coordinating food preparation or help deliver the items please contact for further information.

Kim’s Day/3rd Annual G.R.A.C.E Back to School Block Party! (recap)
September 16, 2021

G.R.A.C.E non-profit board

September 5, 2021 – What is a better way to celebrate and send off our scholars in Harlem than giving back. The mission of granting resources and community enrichment was achieved through the selfless efforts, volunteering and strategic planning for the betterment of our future leaders. G.R.A.C.E 3rd Annual Back to School Block Party event was also in collaboration in honoring and remembering Ms. Kim a beloved and intricate part of many lives. She was always ready to lend a helping hand at every event prior, served, loved and encouraged everyone who surrounded her in Delano Houses. As high as the balloons reached in tribute to her legacy; is how far she spread her genuine joy for life, positivity and being a mother figure to many. She will be missed tremendously.

Family ties celebrating their mom Ms. Kim with smiles.

The rain did not stop the party and the cool breeze after was welcomed afterwards. The grill was filled burgers, hot dogs, shish kebobs and cooked to perfection by no other than Chef Ham himself. There was also an assortment of pizzas and beverages generously provided by Papa John’s, we commend Robert Rose and his community outreach efforts in Harlem. Covid testing was readily available and provided by We Are Not Afraid, Inc. The cotton candy, snow cones, Blue’s Clue character and bouncy houses provided by Square Root entertainment. It was most satisfying to witness the children jump rope, get their face painted and shoot hoops in pure enjoyment. It felt like old times as the young and old gathered, talked, jumped double dutch and danced together to the tunes spun by DJ M Fresh.

CEO/Founder of G.R.A.C.E non-profit photographed with Chanel Benjamin PR/Marketing

It was a successful family Sunday fun day in preparation to get the students ready for the new school year. It also was to assist and allievate parents of school supply expenses. As backpacks filled with school supplies, post its, notepads, socks, writing utensils, affirmation card decks, monthly planners, masks and mask holders were inside.

Spiderman face painting

G.R.A.C.E non-profit strives to uplift, embrace and motivate the community. The celebration of the Back to School Block Party was initiated to support families with supplies, resources, and activities. By giving back to the very community that assisted in growth, leadership development and now it is our turn to pass down the torch to the next generation.

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