iSmileForAngele non profit will be recognized at TONIGHT’S YANKEES game
May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019

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Sharice B: What is the definition of a Community Hero and why are they significant?

Chanel Speedy: A Community Hero is someone who displays the tenacity to continue for the betterment of their surroundings; even while facing adversity. Community Heroes are significant because they start small with implementations to assist parents and children alike.


The iSmileForAngele non profit has hosted community feedings, toy, clothing and coat drives. The #KickBackAgainstBullying sneaker drive is an Annual event and the donated sneakers are distributed to local shelters with inspiring notes on them. I love Harlem because it has a piece of my heart. It is so historic and the culture was taught to me there. I was also watered and I grew there not only as a person but as a philanthropist, an artist and within the memories it provided shared with my family.

Samantha B: Why is May 10, 2014 significant to you?

Chanel Speedy: May 10th of 2014 was the day before Mother’s Day and one of the most difficult tasks I had to endure and explain in my life thus far. It is of significance because that was the day our grandmother transitioned in life [affectionately known as Gramz and as Angie to her community.]

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It inspired a motivational concept for me and formulated a plan towards spreading grandma’s legacy. As I helped others in need I for one felt fulfilled to continue her teachings and her outlet to the world just by observing her actions.


Samantha B: I love going to St. Maarten it showed me the difference between the islands and served as a vacation spot to learn there is more to life than your surroundings. What did going to see grandma mean to you?

My life was measured by summers spent in St. Maarten so I always had a reference outside of Harlem of how a different part of the world worked. A plane was a destination away from me to say “I’m on my way to grandma’s house.” It also taught me not to take anything for granted there are a lot more opportunities in the States. You have to make everything happen for you here but there the sense of community is highlighted. The barter system is used a bit more. Grandma had a coconut tree, chickens, rabbits, cooked every meal 6 days a weeks, hung clothes on the line etc but if she needed a lemon I did not mind walking over a plank or in the road without any shoes to exchange bread for her.

The date of May 10th marked a changed in my life in which promoted and encouraged strength, required focus and a new horizon of unfamiliarity.

I have watched my grandmother give so much of herself to ensure that everyone around her was comfortable, feed and just by her dedicating her life to making others smile. The iSmileForAngele non-profit was the perfect opportunity to promote an incentive program in honor of her legacy.

In a few words she was one of a kind, her presence was always felt and I am grateful that I was able to have her within my life. My grandmother gave my life purpose; a greater purpose. #iSmileforAngele that is my inspiration.” – Chanel Speedy

Sharice B: Why is May 15, 2019 another significant date?

Chanel Speedy: Today, is 5 years and 5 days that my smile has been in a progressive state of assisting others to smile with a simple act of kindness. Whether it is a word of encouragement, sneakers to make scholars feel inclusion or teaming up with other local Harlem entrepreneurs such as Gracie Cedres the CEO/Founder of G.R.A.C.E (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) non-profit for her Back To School Block Party. I appreciate Latoya Wyman the CEO/Founder of Divine Elegance for designing the flyers for my events and lending a helping hand whenever I needed her.

Samantha B: What and who do you want to thank for supporting you?

Chanel Speedy: To my family especially my Maker Of Miracles, my siblings (Sharice, Samantha, Darron), Desmond, Auntie, Avalyn, Gracie, Kimberly, Teenisha, my mentor [I UNDERSTAND], my team and every person who has ever encouraged me, NOMINATED ME, smiled with me and told me to stay splashy. I THANK you, YoU and YOU!*

*[you equates to the scholars who teach me lessons.

YoU equates to people that support me that I don’t know until we discover the art of conversation.

YOU equates to the originator my grandma and the people who know me.]*

Support comes in many different forms and giving back to others is how far we can stretch our hands to show respect to another person. Just as another has done for us. The torch was set down to be fulfilled and it tends to lifted up by the strongest with assistance. I started this solely just so WE could could utter, recite and yell out “I SMILE FOR ANGELE.” Now that’s history.

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Samantha B: Do you have any final words?

Chanel Speedy: Yes, I want to give a special THANK YOU to The New York Yankees organization, The Smile Direct Club and everyone who nominated me to be a Community Hero. Don’t forget to smile today! #iSmileForAngele FOREVER!

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Be sure to watch the second game of The New York Yankees double header at 6:35 pm as iSmileForAngele non profit will be recognized with screen time on the big screen to honor the continuous empowerment to the Harlem community.

New York City’s Bacon and Beer Classic 2015
April 28, 2015


Good morning to you. The birds are chirping. Hiii splashy readers and bacon lovers from across the globe. On Saturday April 25th I attended New York City’s Bacon and Beer Classic 2015 at Citifield (123-01 Roosevelt Ave). There were two sessions I chose the evening session to have a chance to have an opportunity to see the view of the gorgeous field lit up. It was a warm and beautiful day to enjoy a variety of treats with my favorite food BACON!, an assortment of beers, VIP treatment and games such as jumbo Jenga, sack toss and bungee run.


I had an awesome time, experienced oure stomach joy from the bacon mac n cheese, basil bacon pizza and laughed until my cheeks hurt from being Wiped Out on the Bungee Run. If you missed this event I feel bad for you son as a crowned Bacon Ambassador (I just made that term up; LOL) I was in heaven. As a VIP attendee I was given the opportunity to explore the array of choices before the crowd, have access to the Mets field by flashing my pink band and share this amazing experience with friends.


Don’t mind me I took a brief pause to answer a few texts and then it was back on the road to goodness and getting piggy with it na na na na na na. I was all smiles as I visited the tables of food with a surprise at every turn to hear how bacon was incorporated. The ceramic cups given to you upon arrival for your drinks were so cutesy. With every sign there was a welcome of more to come.


This unique bacon and beer tasting event was a huge success. For the second consecutive time the event SOLD OUT there were 4,500 bacon and beer loving attendees per session and over 40 local restaurants and 50 plus breweries that served up their best selections. That is a BIG DEAL!




Bruce Cost was sooo refeshing as it had ginger bits inside of the drink. Bloodline Orange Ale was another goodie amongst Barefoot Wine, Harlem Brewing Company who represented with Harlem Sugar Hill Ale and other great tasting beer and cider.



The Bacon and beer Classic was split into two sessions. Judges for the first session included Liza De Guia, the Founder/Chief Storyteller, food. curated., Adam Poch, Bacon Minister/Bacon Connoisseur, Lisa Fernandes, Chef/Owner of Sweet Chili, Derrick Prince of Stanton Social/Masterchef season 2, David “The Rev” Cancio, Director of Marketing Schweid & Sons, James Tai, an independent craft beer consultant, Herb Karlitz, a food and beverage event marketer and owner of Karlitz & Company, and Chef Plum, who has been featured on many television segments and has a popular podcast called Plumluvfoods Live. Chef David DiBari, a chef in many NYC hotspots and a guest host on Toni On! New York (CBS local) and George Motz, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker who made the documentary Hamburger America joined the judging panel for the evening session.



Best Sweet Dish- Pig Guy NYC- bacon s’mores on a stick

Best Savory Dish- BarBacon

Best Overall- Sweet Chili- “pork-gasm”

People’s Choice- Rudy’s Original Cheesecake Drops – bacon infused

Winning beers from Abita Brewing, Southern Tier Brewery and Original Sin Hard Cider.


Best Sweet Dish- Pig Guy NYC- bacon s’mores on a stick

Best Savory Dish- Hard Times Sundaes- with meat from Schweid and Sons

Best Overall- Route 66 Smokehouse

Best Use of Bacon- John’s of Times Square- pizza

Bacon and Beer Classic is a nationwide tour and the next stop is Seattle, WA at Safeco Field this weekend, Saturday, May 2.



We hope to see you next year! (Insert a big cheese smile and frantic wave)

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!

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