Recap of Community Events
February 25, 2023

We have been busy offering the community opportunities to enhance their wellness, movement, and increase family activities. We thank all of our partners and sponsors your generosity has assisted us in outreach, community engagement. We want to express our gratitude for making our gifting suite a success as we introduced our audience to new products and services.

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Yoga and Vision Board Party! (2/12/23)
Yoga and Vision Board Party Gifting Suite (2/12/23)
Yoga and Vision Board Party Sponsors (2/12/23)
G.R.A.C.E Granting Resources And Community Enrichment Inc. Teen Social held on 2/17/23
Teen Social event Sponsors
Honor Roll incentive. First time to a Broadway play. (2/17/23)
G.R.A.C.E Inc. President and CEO, Gracie Cedres, Honor Roll student Mannaesh Carter and Communications and Public Relations Board of Director, Chanel Benjamin attend The Lion King on Broadway (2/17/23)

G.R.A.C.E Inc. Family trip to Jurassic World Live Tour (2/18/23)
Jurassic World Live Tour (2/18/23)
Family fun (2/18/23)
Good times (2/18/23)
All-Star Youth Basketball Skills Challenge and Tournament (2/21/23 & 2/22/23)

Watch Day 1 All-Star Youth Basketball Skills Challenge

Watch as we were Gearing up for Day 2 All-Star Youth Basketball Tournament RECAP

All-Star Youth Basketball Skills Challenge Winners of SportsBox Co Basketball Box items (2/21/23)
2-Time All-Star Youth Basketball Skills Challenge Winner and Student Scholar (Prize: Sprayground backpack and giftcard) (2/21/23)
Liberty Coca-Cola provided Vitamin Water, SmartWater and Powerade Zero for The All-Star Youth Basketball Tournament (2/22/23)
Powerade Zero Zone group picture after Game 3 (2/22/23)

All-Star Youth Basketball Tournament MVP Carlmello. (Prize: Sprayground backpack and tickets to Nets vs. Bucks Basketball game courtesy of Team Mills Foundation) All-Star Youth Basketball Tournament Defensive Player Jephthe (Prize: Applebee’s giftcard) (2/22/23)
All-Star Youth Basketball Tournament (2/21/23 & 2/22/23)

Granting Resources to the Bronx
February 11, 2022

On Sunday, February 6, 2022 at 2 pm, G.R.A.C.E. (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) Inc., IT’S FROM THE SOLE, and BABA INC., held a collective event. The event was hosted at the Davidson Community Center and the purpose of the event was to fulfill our mission which entails assisting our community in need. We pooled together our resources to assist those affected in the recent Bronx fire by providing basic necessities, toiletries, food, brand new footwear as well as new coats.

IT’S FROM THE SOLE founder Andre McDonnell provided over 200 pairs of brand new sneakers. Since 2012 his initiative to help those in need has ignited the fire fueled by enthusiasm to canvas locations and fill the void of a simple necessity. His organization has donated over 30,000 sneakers within 15 countries and 31 cities and is expanding.

BABA (Bridging Africans Black Americans) Inc., focuses on uniting the Black diaspora through community service and organizes free community events to uplift the community.

As a community it is important to assist our neighbors/community members as it builds a togetherness that brings forth strength in numbers. Community 5 offered their support and volunteers pitched in to ease the process of recovery on the tragedy which occurred on January 9, 2022. 

We appreciate the extension of hospitality from the team at LoLo’s Seafood Shack who didn’t hesitate to lend their support to G.R.A.C.E Inc.,. The warm communication and willingness to help from the Proprietor, Leticia Skai Mohan-Young. Onto the preparation of curry chicken halal meals for the families by Chef Raymond Mohan and the seamless pick up coordination for the event by Manager, Jose Cruz. Harlem was represented as the love, support and appreciation was felt by the recipients of the generous donations.

The outpour of support has been amazing! Community presence is so imperative as the mission states we grant resources and community enrichment. Great effort, intention and support in giving back to our community.

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Gracie Cedres, President and Chair of G.R.A.C.E. Inc., appeared on 102.6 The Situation Radio
January 17, 2022

On Tuesday, January 18th at 8:30AM EST on 102.6 “The Situation” Gracie Cedres was the special guest that graced the airwaves. Gracie is an entrepreneur focused on community engagement and development, and she is also one of the winners from @earnyourleisure Pitch, Hustle, and Grow competition for EYL learners. She discussed her transition into entrepreneurship, and the development and mission of G.R.A.C.E (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) Inc. To hear more, tune in to To stay connected, follow @harlemsgrace on all social media platforms. 

One of the iniatives of G.R.A.C.E Inc., was a clothing and footwear drive to benefit families of Grenada. The objective became imperative to provide the working class men with the proper equipment; as they were working in hazardous conditions. There efforts not only serviced internationally but locally as well providing for those in need in Brooklyn and The Bronx.

This was all made possible by wanting to assist others and the outpour of support was tremendous. The Harlem Self Storage allowing their space to be utilized as the drop off location was a great gesture in itself. Pooling resources together, spreading awareness and showing humanity to make the change you want to see and community better was accomplished.

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