1st Annual Kick Back Against Bullying Sneaker Drive
October 3, 2017

The Mayor of NYC Bill Blasio awarded the #iSmileForAngele campaign efforts in the 1st Annual Kick Back Against Bullying Sneaker Drive during Suicide Prevention Month.

Hiiii splashy readers this weekend was nothing short of AMAZING! On Saturday September 30th at Bakery HNY sneaker store [1457 Amsterdam Avenue] the #iSmileForAngele 1st Annual Kick Back Against Bullying Sneaker Drive was held. The mission of the event was to service children within our communities and school system who maybe homeless or living in shelters by providing new or gently used sneakers as we fight to prevent bullying. The reassurance of confidence starts within our children knowing they are important and valued.

Bakery HNY

Donated kicks

Donated kicks

I am excited to type 325 sneakers were allocated to 3 shelters in Harlem. Upon delivering the donated sneakers I learned that many families were displaced due to a huge fire over the weekend. That made me feel good knowing that families will benefit from all of the contributions. The day was filled with laughs, support and most of all love. I grew up in Harlem and my mother has always instilled that helping others in need is a blessing as you are so fortunate in life. Every donated sneaker was accompanied with an inspirational note to reassurance the recipient that you are worthy and you will rise from your present circumstance.

My support system entrepreneurs Gracie and Latoya.

Everyone came together from a simple idea that was executed by teamwork. I am still in awe and glad that I can be of assistance in any way possible. If you have a goal, write it down, build a team and DO IT! I could not have completed my mission without the help of Gracie Cedres, Latoya Wyman, Kathleen Delva and Cheo owner of Bakery HNY; they all were key component parts alongside every single person who donated their new/gently used sneakers and new socks!

Cheo and Kathleen posing in Bakery HNY sneaker store with some of the donated kicks from the event.

It was a great day at the start of the event it drizzled a little bit however, the love of giving back outweighed the rain with sunshine. The day was beautiful as kid’s joined and learned the importance of helping others in need. Papa John’s pizza was sponsored by Indie Brokers and it was nice to see children interacting with adults playing charades. 

Overall, the event was a success and it just goes to show how a simple idea can take off with support from your community. The donations will allievate parents, bring smiles to children’s face and make the donators feel impactful that their contribution helped. I will continue to team up with other driven entrepreneurs to ensure we do our part in seeing that their is change with gestures, education and fun in the community.


G.R.A.C.E 1st Annual Back To School Block Party! RECAP
September 18, 2017

DJ M Fresh and CEO of G.R.A.C.E non-profit Gracie – Photo credit: The Marshall

I just came to say hello! (Waves frantically) I woke up still feeling inspired from yesterday. Being in the position to implement positivity in the place that you grew up in is amazing!

The first wave of school supplies at the G.R.A.C.E table – Photo credit: The Marshall

On Sunday September 3, 2017, Gracie Cedres, the CEO of G.R.A.C.E (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) non-profit, gave back to the very place she was born and raised. Being the visionary, entrepreneur and kind hearted person she is the task of creating an incentive to give back to the scholars in the community was planned and well executed.

Attendees enjoying the giveaways from Vegan Smart nutritional shake, Junkless chewy granola bars and hair products from Taliah Waajid – Photo credit: The Marshall

As the summer comes to an end and the new school year begins children, teens and parents wind down and what is a better way to spend Sunday Funday! G.R.A.C.E has alleviated some expenses parents are responsible for by giving away bookbags filled with school supplies, in efforts to provide children a head start to be GREAT!

Did you know: Each bottle sold by GiveMeTap gives 5 years of clean water to a person in Africa. They also have partnerships with restaurants and cafes, where GiveMeTap customers can refill their water bottles at no charge – Photos at no charge. Photo credit: The Marshall

Paula taking a moment to pose with the kids who stopped by her table to play interactive games and receive school supplies – Photo credit: The Marshall

DJ M Fresh keeping the block party LIVE! – Photo credit: The Marshall

We shine the light on G.R.A.C.E as a non profit whose mission is to inspire, enlighten and encourage youth, young adults and seniors of our community by providing influential resources and events. “Our organizers are residents of the Harlem community and by hosting this celebration we were able to stress the importance of education, provide support to the families with giveaways and provide fun activities for participating families. Our reputation lies in providing resources and enrichment in the community.” – CEO of G.R.A.C.E non-profit Gracie Cedres

CEO/Founder of G.R.A.C.E non profit Gracie Cedres displaying her bookbags – Photo credit: The Marshall

To show your support towards Gracie’s community efforts you can purchase G.R.A.C.E backpacks. They are now available for order email apparel@harlemgrace.org for your choice the bookbag comes in different colorways and will assist in the vision going further within the community.

The literature table featuring Amy’s Travels and Tackling Reading by Kathryn Starke. Minnow and Mars display of the raffle prize a new lunchbox and bookbag set – Photo credit: The Marshall

DJ M-Fresh and G.R.A.C.E collaborated to bring a fun filled family day that provided food, entertainment, educational books, healthy snack options and school supplies for our scholars to start the school year off right. Harlem definitely showed G.R.A.C.E love as the rainy skies cleared out and the sun shined down upon us the event went on as scheduled. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they received the giveaways, won raffles, played in the bouncy house, and ate food. Their stomachs and hearts were full as joy, which made every action worthwhile.

Ms. Penny and Jay are all smiles when it comes to giving back – Photo credit: The Marshall

iPad and Bookbag giveaway at The Indie Broker/Verizon table – Photo credit: The Marshall

Granting Resources And Community Enrichment in HARLEM! – Photo credit: The Marshall

To the sponsors and those who donated where would we be without YOU! You all are the MVP’s in this vision coming into fruition. We thank you so much for following through on providing your products, time, services and expertise with us all for the kids. 

Facepainting done by @ZilladidIt – Photo credit: The Marshall

A form of expression and a smile for appreciation – Photo credit: The Marshall

Special thank you to all of the Sponsors/Vendors:

@kathrynstarke (Tackle Reading & CMP) , @givemetap (Give Me Tap), @luxtravbywanda (Luxury Travel by Wanda), @indiebrokers (Indie Brokers), @Verizon, @winnowandmars (WINNOW + MARS), @timberland, @applebees (117th St Harlem Location), @redlobster (125th Harlem Location), @livevegansmart (Vegan Smart), @bjswholesale (Exterior Street Bronx Location), Maryam Yum Yum, @tlishadoeshair (Chic Hair Boutique), @bigrussbarbershop, @zilladidit (Face Painting), @loudsocietyllc (Loud Society), @simply_eight (Junkless chewy granola bars), @sunniclothing, @taliahwaajid, @homedepot (Exterior St Bronx Location), @culturexcollab, @_JaideL, @ItsCrystalChanel, @papajohns (145th Street Harlem Location), @dunkindonuts (145th St Harlem Location), Photo credit @alumniine (The Marshall), and @litee (Milton Webster).

Brought to you by: @harlemsgrace and @djmfresh 

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Support goes a long way and we all played imperative roles for the success of the event – Photo credit: The Marshall

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