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March 15, 2016


Metro Boomin is a producer/songwriter from The Derty  (St. Louis) who is now based out of ATL shawty. If you listen to trap music, watch YouTube videos and or the news you have probably heard the saying “If Young Metro don’t trust you…”

Future states it on the prelude on the track “Jumpman”, Ben Carson (2016 presidential candidate) was asked the question during an interview and even Norm Kelly jumped in on Twitter to give his take on the trending topic. It is popular to have music tags within your music so the listener recognizes the creator right away. DJ Khaled either shouts his name or ‘We the best’, Akon would say ‘Konvict music’ and The Dream would say ‘Radio Killer.’

Metro Boomin tag has been used since August, Metro Boomin explains in a sit down with DJ Drama. Future was the first to say the tag on Uncle Murda’s song ‘Right Now.’ “If Young Metro don’t trust you. I’m a shoot you.” The popularity of the tag has since taken off and has been featured on Yeezy’s ‘Father I Stretch My Hands Part 1’, in mainstream media and more frequently in conversations.

Watch “Ben Carson – If young metro don’t trust you” on YouTube


Watch “#StreetzIsWatchin DJ Drama interview with Metro Boomin” on YouTube

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!

February 5, 2016


Racism is still alive but no concealer or foundation makeup can hide this flaw within our history.

In Mansfield, PA not only was DJ Flip, Your Lady DJ’s car broken into, but also her car was redecorated with a racial slur, written in spray paint. Her equipment, which is her livelihood, was also stolen.

We are in trying times, but if we were all color blind, how would we see what does divide us? In this case, it’s the color of our skin.

Expect the unexpected.

I couldn’t have imagined a DJ would have to face this kind of discrimination- simply for being recognized, and targeted.

Rhonda Sylvester, known as DJ Flip, Your Lady DJ, just happened to check on her car as she stayed at a friend’s house, when she noticed that her car was vandalized, and the hatch was directed upward on her Ford Explorer. Both of her laptops and stereo speakers were also taken.

It is very disheartening to witness something of this caliber forwardly displayed. Now, she cannot book any gigs or move forward with perfecting her craft. She is known for providing DJ services for nonprofit groups, and she sits on the board of the Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund (she is a breast cancer survivor).

DJ Flip, Your Lady DJ, has overcome a lot of struggles. She is active in her community, helping children in need of her expertise.

Best wishes to her in getting back to doing what she loves. Discrimination towards anyone is not the right approach. Be mindful of your words and use them wisely.

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!

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