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What is love to you?
July 15, 2017

After having a great conversation about LOVE! I realized a few things: we all grow at different paces and phases. Love lost is not necessarily a loss if you were not ready to commit fully. We all are in need of reaching our full potential of being in love to recognize it; if it is ever to resurface AGAIN!

To love, have love for someone and be in love with someone are three different scenarios. You could love someone and not be in a relationship with them. The same as being in a relationship with someone because it became your identity and is familiar to you. However, later on you realize you are in love with someone else.

In the art of conversation we learn that asking the right questions will set the answers free. Why does everyone love me? Why does everyone fall in love with me? Why haven’t I had a love to my full capacity yet? All are questions that were posed to me. However, I am not the person who was on their love journey to answer the questions risen to me. I was not the person you poured your heart out to in order to understand why love has eased passed you.
I am merely the person to help you seek your wisdom to lead you to the truth. If it was never felt how do you know you had it? If you had it and lost it how does one recognize when it is real again? This is my stop I am going to let your train of thought be processed as I make my exit. You will know once you reach your destination for the desired connection. Until next time blessings.

As your train of thought ran processed his feelings, concerns and personal definition to my posted question was so eloquently answered. This is why Darrøn McM is the feature of the month. Stay tuned as you will get the inside splash of a males perceptive of the topic at hand. See below for the response that blew me away and had me singing like Ciara “I’m speechless/Ahw, you got me speechless/I-I-I-I’m speechless I-I’m….” Yall may think I am kidding because I play all day hence the picture below but I am so serious.

Splashy readers PREPARE to be left sitting wherever you are in the world with your mouf [aka mouth] ajar after this knowledge chunk hits you TUH. This is why I leave people on read if you are not doing your daily mental exercise to workout the kinks to keep me interested. So yall can keep your WYD texts.

I am icing my brain; it hurts when it doesn’t see words formulated into a sentence. Why you ask be-cause I automatically think of calculus and letters equating to numbers. On top of me thinking about what the letter means in a sentence and by the time I figure it out my brain has an attitude with me. I didn’t send the text RELAX! Now I have a headache and the screen light is bothering my eyes I am tearing up in my eyes I have a pack of tissues by my side. See how I am going through it. No you don’t get a response my eyes need to rest sir. Sheesh I really was just in my feelings huh. True story lol. Did you laugh? Did you smile? Did you say only Chanel Speedy? If so, GOOD! I was a comedian in my past dream this is standup on the turn up as you wake up as I splash you in.

Without further ado I invite you to read the interpretation of love by (drum roll please) a little louder it is his first time or anyone for that matter being featured on my blog. OK perfect give it up and show your love for Darrøn McM!!!!!

Yeah there are definitely many interpretations to what the concept of love is. To me love is a placebo that people use to give meaning to something or to make someome or something feel important or to even fuel your own ego. Especially nowadays people just throw the word around and it decreases it’s value with every passing moment.

People get addicted to the concept of wanting to be desired or need to get that high of being wanted or needed and be apart of something bigger that it takes over their state of mind and they build up their own fabrications that leads directly to their own failure. So when you ultimately break it down love comes down to using the placebo of what the feeling of “love” is generally fantasized as by society to mask the inner narcisstics inside of us that we try to keep at bay.

If you have a different interpretation of what love is start the conversation in the comment box. Speakkkkkkkkk

Sorry… But Not Sorry by Chanel Speedy

Somewhere someone is searching for you
in everyone they meet
Sorry I outgrew you
Sorry you didn’t get it on the first try
Second chances are not always granted
Nor go in your favor
That’s life next time don’t take that person for granted the first time
I am highly favored yet seeking teachings of Him the most high
Teaching lines, lines teaching you how to treat thee
Your loss no settling in any category
Not my monopoly
I found better for ME hence there is no WE
Sorry… But not Sorry
Dust Settles I Don’t/I Love Me/Celebrate a New Chapter I’m being selfish with me/My gentle soul is freed/Sorry… But not Sorry

December 24, 2014


Chanel Speedy Unprecedent Acoustics

Often times I write just to reflect on things that are going in around me. Many times circumstantial situations play out in my mind that I write a poem catered to something that I have witnessed. Writing is a tool of release for me. I love writing creatively, being creative while writing. I invite others to read as I share my thoughts. Sharing was a big leap for me because my thoughts are the only thing that a person can not alter once my mind is set.

That does leave room for constructive criticism (which I am all for), different view points that went unnoticed on my behalf within in writing highlighted by a read and misinterpretation. Within misinterpretation of my writing I have to remind the reader I am hiding facts within a story all the while telling a story. For me my writing is a learning experience that feature innuendos, word play, surprise elements and a backstory as I am foretelling you the original story.

The best way of learning for me is presented in my writing. I learn forward and backwards meaning I analyze a situation and see both sides, why person A made their final decision and why person B came up with their conclusion. In doing so I am practicing my forward thinking skills and doing background research in order to understand what is occurring. I invite you to read Pain below I debuted this on Al Sharpton’s Keepin’ It Real radio station at NAN (National Action Network). For your listening pleasure you can download Pain on iTunes Chanel Speedy Unprecedent Acoustics on iTunes or CD Baby Chanel Speedy – Unprecedent Acoustics on CD Baby

PAIN by Chanel Speedy (Unprecedent Acoutiscs)

They say love is pain
However Pain is Pain
I pained when I seen you
inject yourself with a needle
Knowing my pain would fill a void in you
You offered to play hide & seek
Because you couldn’t bare
For me to find the new love you seeked

More secretive you became
All for your selfish escape
In my mind it was too late
& time wasn’t on my side
I thought I let you die
The weakness in your body
Matched the strength of my silence
The war you were fighting brought forth nervousness
While your nervous system called it quits

Mind set shift
Long sleeves to hide razor slits
You resemble nothing
I once remembered to breathe life
Skeletal remains
Broken mirrors
Nightly hungry quivers
3 letters quieted your rivers

As my future
I couldn’t get pass
My role models path
Sunset at last
Tears drop fast
Memory tracks
A sentence with no
Quotations or lettering
I took your pain
& made it mine
Buried my smile
Allowed burdens to be placed on my heart

The insertion of your new found love Pain
Tore us apart

They say love is pain
However Pain is still loved

Rest In Peace

Chanel Speedy is the definition of SPLASHERY!

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