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End Hunger Campaign donation to the Food Bank for New York
December 16, 2013


Hello good morning (inserts my 2 step dance here.) Although it is afternoon time Splashy readers let me give you a reSPLASH of how I spent the top of my morning. I met with Noemie Craven the Campaigns and Events Manager (how smart you are; yes that is her above without playing Blue’s clues or using a handy dandy notebook lol.) After the breakdown and mission behind collaborating with City Winery to sell wine alongside sell my Splashy cups to assist in this imperative cause Noemie was estatic to know the vision moving forward.

Everyday we are faced with witnessing someone who is less fortunate than us asking for money, food and sleeping in the subway stations lacking the luxury of having a stable living environment. I took the initiative to create a campaign that I believe should be addressed and rectified towards ending hunger. In creating an innovative way of incorporating fundraising tactics for the End Hunger campaign it included stepping out of the box, introducing others to a simple product that sells itself.


This project came about attending a food and wine festival I volunteered at. My focus then became how can I contribute to awareness further, the proceeds of selling wine and my Splashy cups were allocated to feeding any less fortunate person through a simple act of kindness.

In collaboration with City Winery in a little over a month, the response has been tremendous. The end result have touched people in ways I could not have dared to imagine.

The starting point was formulating the idea, executing and seeing it through and people will support your efforts. I want to thank all of the supporters that made a donation, contribution and spread the word on my efforts in Ending Hunger.

Special Thank you to:

Rebecca Spindler
Gracie Cedres  Ron Baker    Cristina Sencion
Tyrone Turner    Isiah Kelly  Chandra Smith
Jillian Goytia      Nikkisha Brooks
Vonda Brasser   Manny Evans
Sharon Benjamin  

Nelson Mandela
December 7, 2013


Nelson Mandela epitomizes and supercedes the words strength, honor and dignity. I respect and cherish his 95 years of dedication, fighting for equalities we have today, representing and rectifying the struggle and a courageous story compelling with legacy attached to greatness.

I can only wish to tackled half the victories he has won for us as a people. In my daily efforts I try to educate, motivate and help those in need. It does not stop with Mr. Mandela his era was the era where you had no choice to fight or else there wouldn’t be any change.

Were there more courageous leaders back then than now? No we still have leaders however, the leaders have grown accustom to coloring inside the lines. We must furthermore utilize the equalities our ancestors fought so hard for us to have. If we don’t prepare the next generation no one will.

History repeats itself let us focus on doing our part.

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