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Remy Ma
July 29, 2014


I just came to say hello, hello. There has been crazy buzz around my favorite punchline queen; a very anticipated release will take place in 1 day and a wake up or 2 days if you have not been following of…. (drum roll please) Remy Ma aka BX Savior aka Shesus Chryst aka Queen of NY amongst other aliases. “You’d think its open bar the way they scream Free Remy.” Her 6 and a half minute freestyle from prison that was released 2 years ago displayed her versatility, her keeping her ear to what is current and gave us an insight as to what we should expect.

I am excited I think that her presence is much needed. I am ready to hear how she will respond to the new era of music and incorporate her style. In her hiatus I was still listening to her album and mixtapes. Anyone who knows me can tell you I will recite a Remy Ma metaphor in a heartbeat. What makes her so unique is her flow, crafty word play, catchy storylines and overall she is confident, funny and talented.

From Rapid fire, When I see her, U remind me (remix), Chubb Rock and her numerous freestyles that will just have you scrunch up your face because her word play is that crazy and then rewind it back and yell whoooo. One of my personal favorite freestyles is the one she did for Tim Westwood TV was bonkers. If you have not seen it shame on you however, it is not too late. Merry Christmas early

I am looking forward to hearing what she has in store and want to wish Remy Ma continued success. WE ARE READY!


UPDATE: SHE’S BACK!!!! She is working headed to the studio to work with DJ Khaled. Here is Reminisce (Remy Ma) new song/2 new verses laced with bars. Happy listening. They Don’t Love you no more (remix) –

Marsha Ambrosius – Friends and Lovers Album review
July 16, 2014

Hiiiiiiii splashy readers are you as excited as I am the wait is over. The wait is over! Marsha Ambrosius has released her highly anticipated sophomore album Friends & Lovers. This album follows her 2011 masterpiece Late Nights & Early Mornings an album that is still in heavy rotation on my behalf. This time around Marsha gave us an appetizer as to what to expect from our main course Friends & Lovers by releasing the EP Fvck & Love. It was a delightful treat and I will leave it as that beyond the murmurs in my mind saying my sexual appetite was satisfied. Yes I will leave it at that tasteful response and keep my other flashbacks to myself ahaha. I mean with titles such as: 69, Take It and Come what else was I suppose to do. 

Marsha commands the listeners attention right from the start she didn’t waste any time expressing what she wants with a bold, confident and sultry approach as she takes control. Hands down it has to be a Leo thing. Cheers to Leo power. Marsha sheds light on her personal situation in which we all may have experienced in one form or another. 

Song Breakdown

1. Friends & Lovers Intro – The introduction of the tug of war that we will be embarking on within her experience of a friend becoming a lover. 

2. So Good – Her vocal range on this song will blow your mind on this track. She convinced me and made me a firm believer that it was really that good. (insert the lurking eye emoji here)

3. Night Time – This is an easy listen her vocals cruise over the beat of the drums as if she is your personal chauffeur to a happy place of your choice. Her vocals serve as thrill ride in a Bugatti Veyron on an open road with only 2 other cars on the road with the capability of going 235 mph but choosing to drive on cruise control. 

4. 69 – Her flow on this track is impressive as she spirals her voice. The tempo is superb as it speeds up later slows down as the chopped and screwed vocals adds a great dynamic complimenting the background snaps.

5. Shoes – This song has a Motown feel very smooth, simple melody and descriptive story telling. The vocals laid are very soulful. 

6. How Much More (Interlude) – Invite someone to a ooh s*** contest. Will you?

7. Stronger (feat. Dr. Dre) – Marsha drops a cover of Sade’s “Stronger Than Pride” that pays tribute to golden era hip-hop with a sample of Jeru The Damaja’s “Come Clean.” Great remake as two worlds collide to compliment the original.

8. You & I – Very happy and upbeat tone fused with neo soul .

9. La La La La La – It is an easy listen, arranged perfectly and very catchy rendition as it samples the chorus from Minnie Ripperton’s Loving You.

10. Cupid (Shot Me Straight Through My Heart) – Smooth vibes it seems as if it was a sequel to Butterflies and I love it.

11. Kiss & Fuckk (Interlude) – I love the guitar incorporation on this track.

12. Love – A reflection of what love is, accepting and embracing it when it comes. 

13. Run – You appreciate her voice so much more on this track. I love this song such a beautiful ballad. 

14. Spend All My Time (feat. Charlie Wilson) – This is a timeless song with Charlie Wilson as he adds the right element of class and chemistry.

15. OMG I Miss You – This is another one of my favorites it is an unplugged intimate conversation. 

16. Streets of London (feat. Skye & Lindsey Stirling) – Great conclusion to an all around great album. Perfect setup for her next album as it leaves you in suspense. “Home is where the heart is. Where is my heart?”

This was just my take on my first listen and it is impossible to capture the essence of a body of work as great as hers in one listen. However, hands down this is one of the best R & B albums of the year. I am sure I will find more things to love about the album and I will because it will be on repeat. I am looking forward to more from Marsha Ambrosius and wishing her continued success. Go buy her album and support great music. Happy listening!

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