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Remy Ma
July 29, 2014


I just came to say hello, hello. There has been crazy buzz around my favorite punchline queen; a very anticipated release will take place in 1 day and a wake up or 2 days if you have not been following of…. (drum roll please) Remy Ma aka BX Savior aka Shesus Chryst aka Queen of NY amongst other aliases. “You’d think its open bar the way they scream Free Remy.” Her 6 and a half minute freestyle from prison that was released 2 years ago displayed her versatility, her keeping her ear to what is current and gave us an insight as to what we should expect.

I am excited I think that her presence is much needed. I am ready to hear how she will respond to the new era of music and incorporate her style. In her hiatus I was still listening to her album and mixtapes. Anyone who knows me can tell you I will recite a Remy Ma metaphor in a heartbeat. What makes her so unique is her flow, crafty word play, catchy storylines and overall she is confident, funny and talented.

From Rapid fire, When I see her, U remind me (remix), Chubb Rock and her numerous freestyles that will just have you scrunch up your face because her word play is that crazy and then rewind it back and yell whoooo. One of my personal favorite freestyles is the one she did for Tim Westwood TV was bonkers. If you have not seen it shame on you however, it is not too late. Merry Christmas early

I am looking forward to hearing what she has in store and want to wish Remy Ma continued success. WE ARE READY!


UPDATE: SHE’S BACK!!!! She is working headed to the studio to work with DJ Khaled. Here is Reminisce (Remy Ma) new song/2 new verses laced with bars. Happy listening. They Don’t Love you no more (remix) –


Paul’s Da Burger Joint 25th Anniversary
July 21, 2014


Hiiii! New food alert recommendation if you are in East Village, love burgers or don’t mind traveling for some delicious food I invite you to try the food from Paul’s “Da Burger Joint.” (131 2nd Avenue is the address it is near the corner of St. Mark’s Place and 2nd Ave.) When in doubt look for the huge burger directly in front of the restaurant. On Saturday I had the privilege of celebrating the 25th anniversary and sampling the new items on the menu.


I enjoyed the selection of different sauces in which we had the option of choosing to put on our food items. My favorite was Paul’s secret sauce as I loaded it on my cheeseburger slider. Another unexpected delightful treat that was served was the Paul’s bacon wrapped jalapeƱo peppers with lemon garlic sauce. It had just the right amount of kick and the bacon balanced out the texture. I am a bacon lover and once I tasted the bacon wrapped chicken bites with chipotle sauce I was speechless. It was pure stomach joy. If you are looking for a refreshing drink I would be selfish if I didn’t tell you about Paul’s “Da Burger Joint” Vanilla Bean and Bailey’s milkshake it was the right amount of goodness that had me craving more.


They offered live entertainment, their updated menu and roll back pricing from 1989 for this special occasion. Paul’s “Da Burger Joint” has a very cozy, retro and inviting feel the staff is friendly, helpful and lively. Formerly known as “Paul’s Palace” the staff told us great stories of the history, the stars who have visited and the reason why the burgers are so popular huge portion and reasonable pricing.


The decor holds vintage memoribilia, checkered table cloths and is great for a laid back style meal with a group of family and friends. But dont just take my word for it you can test the opinions of critics as well Paul’s “Da Burger Joint” was ranked on The Gothamist “Top 14 Best Burgers in NYC” and they appear on Burger Weekly’s Top 50. Stop by and experience good food and a good time. To the staff thank you for all of your hospitality and I wish you continued success.

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