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The Best Man Holiday
November 15, 2013


Ok ok ok Im going to give you a lot but in actuality it’s only a little bit.  Get into it. Be intrigued and support this long awaited sequel. All in aggreeance nod your head yes. It’s not as if I an confirm you did but do it anyway.

The Best Man Holiday is a great movie kudos to Malcolm D Lee it was well written and directed. The character development was awesome, the message behind each scenario makes you cherish who your friends are (I KNOW WHO MINE ARE!!!) and it was hilarious.

Be prepared to be on an emotional roller coaster, it is tear jerker there was not a dry eye in the theater. Sheesh. My tear ducts are usually broken because yall know I’m a G so you know I only cry thug tears. Tuh they may roll but they never fall B. End scene. Haha. That was my audition to making you smile. Did you?

Special shout out to Calcie Cooper (Social broker), Sky Room and AMC Theaters. Here is your homework assignment splashy readers – wait for it, wait for it —>GO see this movie!!! (Yes that was my high pitch yell). I’m giving pop quizzes on sight as of Monday you have 3 days. I will haunt your dreams and hire bouncers to escort you to the theater if you don’t.

Enjoy your weekend all. Smiles.


End Hunger
November 14, 2013



Many of us myself included take for granted simple luxuries in life. Someone checking on your well being, an unexpected gift or words of encouragement. I challenge you to step out of your element of concern, uncertainty, struggle, daily problems and LISTEN when someone is talking to you.

Remove the notion of hearing just to respond really put yourself in their shoes. You can always return to yourself when they leave.

We take food, shelter and responsibility for granted. There are many people who don’t have food to eat, a warm coat or house to live in. This is the reason why I took the initiative to collaborate with City Winery to do my part towards the End Hunger campaign.

As I volunteered I sensed a void in which my vision is fulfilling. Thank you all for the support thus far it is greatly appreciated. All proceeds is going to charity of my choice. I will update all of my splashy readers when I make the presentation. This is only the beginning. Mwahz.



City Winery (Restaurant/concert venue)

A Brand within herself
November 12, 2013

I am more than what meets the eye. My face is so pleasant you cant help but watch. See what I did there? Yes just nod and agree I am genetically blessed and ultra talented.

On a serious note because I play all day. It always amazes me as to how someone views you from theur perspective. Read the link below and read IG/twitter @basquiatlxents write up

IG/Twitter @chanelspeedy

Hugs and humps

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