Kim’s Day and G.R.A.C.E.’s Inc. 4th Annual Back to School Block Party!

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Kim’s Day & G.R.A.C.E.’s Back to School Block Party!

We are approaching Year 4. Join Harlem’s own, G.R.A.C.E. (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) Inc. and DJ M-Fresh in an effort to give back to their Harlem community. As we celebrate Kim’s Day & the 4th Annual Back to School Block Party!!! 🎒📚✏📖

We are looking to directly impact the neighborhood where we grew up. Understanding the constraints many families face at the beginning of each school year, we hope the
support will ease stress, anxiety, and struggles some may face.

We are providing a community block party and festival. This free event, will include a host of activities for all ages, including the following:
● Back to school supplies giveaway
● Entertainment (live music, dance, and music performances)
● Interactive art lessons and games
● Sports and fitness activities
● Haircuts and hair tutorials
● Face painting and magicians
● Delicious foods and drinks
● Plus more!

Date: September 10, 2022

Location: Savoy Park 

141st Street & Chisum Place

New York, NY 10037

Time: 12pm-6pm

Come out and enjoy a fun filled family day in preparation for the upcoming school year. We will have music by DJ M-Fresh & friends, entertainment by Square Root Ent, food, activities, giveaways, back pack distribution and more…

For more information contact us at or 646-450-4583/646-979-0053.

G.R.A.C.E. Inc. 1st Annual Back to School Block Party

July 3, 2022 - Leave a Response

G.R.A.C.E. (Granting Resources And Community Enrichment) Inc. is excited as we count down the days until (insert drumroll) NEW YORK MEETS GEORGIA!!! As you may know the organization annually hosts their Back to School Block party in Harlem in September. As they expand so will the resources and means to help other communities.

The First Annual Back to School Block Party is in partnership with 102.6 The Situation Media Entertainment and The City of East Point.

Date: July 17, 2022
Location: Camp Creek Market Place
3628 MarketPlace Blvd 
East Point, GA 30344
Time: 1pm-6pm

Come out and enjoy a fun filled family day with food, activities, giveaways, resources, and school supplies in preparation for the new school year.

For more information contact us at or 646-450-4583.

It’s Just A Conversation Podcast

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Chanel Speedy®️ popped into It’s Just A Conversation Podcast with hosts Ceon and Marcus to promote her book Eye See Reality, speak her truth and offer laughs. Her intellect, comedic approach, and personality flowed just as eloquently and refreshing as the tone of her voice. Her assertive nature, confidence behind her experiences to translate into meaningful messages and give her standpoint within any topic thrown at her was entertaining.

Chanel Speedy®️ deep diving into her book Eye See Reality

To have her on the show and navigate through her resume, professional background and offer insight in regards to financial literacy, social issues and being innovative has demonstrated longevity, dedication and being fearless.

Eye See Reality written by Chanel Speedy®️ her authorial debut is for a mature audience with a poetic heart, as the volumes of three generations are compiled into fictional poems, letters, soliloquies and short stories. This penned exploration is shining a light on love, loss, personal matters, resilience, and growth. This book is for her, she who has faced difficulties and lived beyond her wildest dreams. This is for her, she who exudes an undeniable amount of strength to encourage you, YoU, and YOU to continue to shine your inner light beam. Despite the reality she has seen.

Eye See Reality is a fictional and raw component of the senses through the composition of vanity and the pitfalls of being a woman. Often, while reading an anthology of poems they are not interwoven to connect the fabric of character development.

What is the focal point of what we see as the reader? What does she carry on her sleeve from her experiences? What is the little girl looking forward to becoming with a higher form of self to make her decision?

Chanel Speedy®️ shook the table as a guest on It’s Just A Conversation Podcast with hosts Marcus and Ceon (teaser)
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